Day 238: Food that doesn’t hurt your mental health

August 26, 2007

This evening we made Sautéed Salmon with Spicy Fresh Mango-Pineapple Chutney accompanied by the delicate roar of planes overhead. It seems that flight paths into our airport have recently changed, meaning that we get to wave to the pilots on a regular basis. A very regular basis, like every couple of minutes. The internet tells me that this is a temporary measure; I certainly hope so as the new toddler phobia of plane noise is becoming interesting to deal with when the source of discomfort is almost constant. Anyway, the food tonight was good, a welcome return to form, and it was great to cook it outside. The upside to having no indoor kitchen is that the house doesn’t smell of fish. Score.

The salmon is sautéed in a little oil after being seasoned with salt, pepper and ground coriander. Unfortunately the table we have set up outside is on a bit of an incline, so we have a problem with oil pooling on one side of the pan. Obviously after almost two weeks of this set-up, we still haven’t rectified the slope because that would take all of thirty seconds and a piece of cardboard- of which we have mountains. So unfortunately the salmon lost it’s skin as it stuck to the pan, but hey, you don’t eat it anyway, so no harm was done there. The chutney was made by sautéeing red onion and jalapeño pepper with salt and pepper, adding tinned pineapple, honey and some water and simmering for a while. Just before serving, the fresh mango, parsley, cilantro and lime juice were stirred into the mix. The recipes states that the fish and chutney should be served with asparagus, or green beans or snap peas- as we failed to buy any of those good things we interpreted the instruction as something green, and made peas. Oh frozen peas, it’s been too long…

This meal is good, a welcome return to form. The salmon was delicate and tasty and the chutney was sweet and spicy in equal amounts. It was very well balanced, neither of the elements were overpowering. Plus, the chutney fruit preparation worked two-fold, now A’s lunch fruit is all packed up and ready to go. Which is helpful because tomorrow I am back to doing the morning routine solo- L is back at work at the crack of dawn after the summer- life in academia certainly has some benefits; it may be appallingly paid, but the holidays are unbeatable.

Tomorrow we begin an epic, epic adventure into angel hair pasta. Six, count them, six, days in a row of the stuff, starting with Grilled Shrimp Scampi on Angel Hair Pasta, followed by chicken then scallops in the same stylee. Then three days of pasta nests. We are pasta fans, but this is pushing it a bit. Still, on the bright side, by the end of this run, we may have upstairs plumbing, and who knows, maybe an appliance or two. I am seriously excited about the fridge with water and ice-maker built in. Serious beverage luxury, we will indeed be living the dream. Also, when our pasta sojourn ends, it will be September, which means the end of summer for another year. Another one survived without air conditioning. Can someone please tell me when life started hurtling by so ridiculously fast, and how the * we have a baby due in six weeks?

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  • Reply Lisa August 26, 2007 at 9:40 pm

    I stumbled on your blog via the Rachael Ray Sucks community (though I’m not so much an RR-hater as alternately obsessed and annoyed) and I just finished reading all of your entries. You guys are amazing! I cannot imagine going through with this project in the midst of moving, parenting a toddler, and birthing a newborn. So impressive. I also have this 365 book and a lot of your comments echo my own observations … so thanks for doing all this work for the rest of us so we can skip the batter-fried batter selections and go straight to the good stuff! Keep up the solid work!

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