Day 239: Pasta with a side of mosquito bites

August 27, 2007

So it looks like tomorrow we may have a toilet upstairs, as in not in the basement, as in not a five minute round trip every couple of hours throughout the night. Rejoice. This rumour had better be true because tomorrow we are also getting the kitchen floor tiled, and that can not be walked on for a day or so afterwards. Given that the kitchen has the only interior access to the basement, if we don’t have a toilet upstairs, our exercise quota will up considerably. We may be faced with going downstairs, out the front door, around the side of the house and down the back door into the basement for each toilet run. We’ll have to do that anyway for food and laundry, but please not the toilet. Pretty please.

With the exception of the storming work done by the tilers, things seem to be moving slowly once more. Although, rumour has it that the plumber may be coming in on Friday to hook up the fridge and dishwasher. Too much excitement; I can’t let myself believe it until I see it. I have discovered that you can set your office up at home, but as long as there are workmen in the house, actually working will be quite a challenge. Between the two different radio stations blaring throughout the house, one playing seemingly non-stop Phil Collins, the other such gems as Heart, I was very pleased to discover the wonder that is this, a modern marvel of internet goodness. Maybe one day we will have robots in our house too, and food will just be a flavoured pill dispensed at will from a prettily coloured vending machine.

Unfortunately, despite yesterday’s future being right here, right now, we still had to actually cook Grilled Shrimp Scampi on Angel Hair Pasta. I was relieved to discover that inadvertently leaving our hot plate makeshift cooker outside in the mother of all thunderstorms last night may have made it rust very quickly, but thankfully did not break it. This project has taken much more time and energy than we anticipated, but being electrocuted for the cause would maybe going a little far. It would be sort of funny I suppose, in a tragically stupid, survival of the fittest, sort of way. Anyway, not this evening. Instead, we cooked the angel hair pasta and tossed the shrimp with parsley, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. They were supposed to be grilled but we cooked them on the pan. Then we put the rest of the garlic, the red pepper flakes, lemon juice and zest, white wine and some pasta water on the pan with some butter. We debated for a while as to whether to add the butter, but given that we cooked with about a gallon of oil the other night, it seemed superfluous to omit it for health reasons. Plus my weigh-in at the doctor’s went well today (I stooped to an all-time low of shoe-removal, to compensate for the weight of jeans versus summer trousers last appointment; yes I am ridiculous, thanks) so, really bring on the lard. Anyway, once the controversial butter was melted, the shrimp plus the drained pasta went back in the pan, and the whole lot was tossed together and served.

I am not a big angel hair fan, I like my attendant spirits to be balding, no really I think that angel hair pasta is too thin. It lacks the bite of decent pasta like spaghetti or linguine. Somehow even if you eat a lot of the stuff, it seems insubstantial. Also, the fact that it cooks in four minutes is just too quick if you’re actually cooking something to go with it- nine or ten minutes is the perfect time to make a sauce and not have to sit around waiting at either end. Other than that, the shrimp were nice, although they would have undoubtedly have been nicer if they had been fresh and grilled, rather than frozen and pan-fried. Groceries seem to be getting more and more expensive so we’re having to economise somewhat. The sauce was a little blah- it tok a lot of black pepper to give it a bit of substance. Maybe we were too stingy with the butter, but it just seemed a little utilitarian, a little dull. It was a reasonable quick summer supper, but not a particularly noteworthy one. Perhaps there was some user-error, but I’m sure we’ll have the chance to perfect the recipe over the next couple of days, starting with Grilled Shrimp Scampi on Angel Hair Pasta.

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    Yikes…This sounds and looks aweful. Sincerely admire your diligence and love the blog.

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