Day 242: Nesting

August 30, 2007

This evening we made Tomato-Basil Pasta Nests which was a very straightforward meal to deal with. We were pretty thankful for that, given the ever-increasing swarm of mosquitoes living on our deck, with their ferocious appetite for pasty flesh. While the pasta cooked- angel hair for a nice change- the onion and garlic were gently sautéed in olive oil so that they softened but did not brown. The crushed tomatoes were added to the pan and seasoned with salt and pepper. When the tomatoes were warm, fresh basil leaves were wilted in the mixture. The heat was turned off, the pesto added, followed by the drained pasta. A decent handful of Parmigiano cheese completed the mix. Using a fork, the pasta was twirled around into “nests”. I think a larger fork may have come in useful at this point, it’s hard to make 4″ nests with a dinner fork. Stil, we have a couple of days to perfect the technique.

This dinner was really easy to make, but it was a little odd in flavour. We doubled the called-for amount of basil, and this could have easily been tripled again. Maybe then the store-bought pesto could have been omitted. It felt a bit like this was neither a tomato sauce nor a pesto one, but a slightly offbeat hybrid. Still, it was certainly tasty enough. I can’t imagine that I’d ever adopt the nest method of presentation into everyday life. It makes eating the pasta much more difficult; as it is already wound into a structure, the temptation is to just stick your fork in the middle, pick the whole lot up and start to trough. My table manners are eroding swiftly enough, what with the eating of Baby A’s leftovers; this could mark the beginning of a very steep, slippery downward slope.

So tomorrow afternoon we are finally getting appliances delivered. I am hoping beyond hope that they will be delivered at 2pm rather than 5pm, so there is a chance that some of them at least might actually get installed before the long weekend. I’m thinking of you, beautiful refrigerator with your shiny stainless steel doors and your fancy ice-making and water-distributing capabilities. Mmmm. Baby A is currently obsessed with ice cubes, which she used to call bicycles, in a very cute fashion. Keeping up with her desire for ice is tough when you have one ice cube tray which makes the grand total of 6 cubes at a time. That is one way that I can measure our assimilation into American life- ice has become important to us, whereas before it was strictly a necessity in gin and tonics. Mind you, in fairness, gin was a much more vital part of life then than now, unfortunately. Gin, mmm. Anyway, the kitchen floor has been grouted and we’re hoping to move our food and plates and stuff upstairs this weekend. I can’t wait. We’ll have to go and look at the fancy interior drawer fittings and stuff from Ikea, it’s been at least 12 hours since we were last there. Oh yeah baby.

The tile shop people are coming out next week to assess the state of the bathroom tile. Everyone is in agreement that what we have is a bit of a disaster, so chances are it will all be replaced. Hopefully the tile shop will accept liability, otherwise we’ll have to take it up with the tile manufacturor. Our excitement at moving out of the basement bathroom is dampened by the thought that we’ll have to go back down there at some point. But I do intend to start taking baths while I can, in the interim. Conceivably it could be a long time before we get this sorted out. In other news, we bought A a big girl bed today, but we are yet to set it up. She is climbing out of her cot, almost, so it’s probably a good time. We are hoping beyond hope that she doesn’t realise that she can get out of bed by herself. Unlikely, admittedly. Tomorrow, more nests; Roasted Garlic and Eggplant Marinara Nests. I almost don’t dare say that there is the slimmest chance that we could cook them inside, on a real live stove. Maybe that’s just too much to hope for…

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