Day 243: The trouble with nesting

August 31, 2007

Today was an up and down sort of day. We started off in Ikea with Baby A to pick up some inserts for the kitchen and the kick boards which we had had to special order when they were missing from our initial delivery. You know you have spent too long in Ikea when your almost 2 year old points to one of the set-ups and says “my bedroom”. Why yes, it almost is, now you come to mention it. After a wee ice cream, we came home, put A down to nap and started to make her new bed. The bed, from Ikea obviously, is the nauseatingly cute pink and red one, except that we found that we had one red box and one blue. As the contractor was making enough noise to wake the world, the plumber had been and gone, and the appliances were yet to arrive, L suggested I took the bed back to Ikea to get out the house. That man knows an overly hormonal pregnant lady on the edge of a breakdown when he sees one. Fair play. So I got back to find that the appliances had been delivered, hooray. But the plumber won’t be back till Tuesday to install them. The washer and dryer can be switched around, but not by the people who were here today. The cooker was put in place, but it didn’t come with a gas pipe so it isn’t hooked up. The fridge, dishwasher and microwave are sitting in the lounge looking pretty. The fridge is too big for the space, so there will be some jiggery pokery with the cupboards above so that it will all function. But we are getting there, slowly but surely. The end to all the kitchen madness is in sight.

A was so excited about her new bed when we made it this afternoon that she went into hyper overdrive. To think that we were so worried about how she’d adapt to all the changes- she has done fantastically well and is not a fraction as grumpy or cynical as L and I. She is asleep now the right way round with her head on the pillow looking so grown up it makes me weep. Where did my baby go? In five minutes she’ll be off to college… We decided to bath her upstairs tonight, given that we have no idea when our remodel may be remodelled. All was going well until she slipped and fell backward, L went to grab her and his elbow hit the on-button for the whirlpool tub. The jets came on and the three of us pretty much had synchronised heart attacks. Lovely jubbly. But all’s well that ends well, and the little one is clean and sleeping. We’ve never had a whirlpool tub- I’ve only been in one when I was in hospital in labour with A. It’s the one thing from the previous owners that we decided to keep. It looks delicious; L gave it a whirl, I’m yet to try it. It does however seem to make the whole house vibrate.

So this evening we continued our intrepid adventure in nest-making, with Roasted Garlic and Eggplant Marinara Nests. I had read in advance the ingredients but not the methodology, so we were a little taken aback to discover that the eggplant and garlic should be oven-roasted. Obviously there was some sort of clue in the “roasted” part of the title, but that was clearly overlooked. So we did what anyone with a brand new oven which is positioned but not operable would do; we took the vegetables outside and cooked them in the pan on our hotplate, with the mosquitoes for company. So our version is not exactly authentic, but it was the best we could do under the circumstances. We added the onions and red pepper flakes after the eggplant started to soften, followed by the crushed tomatoes, basil and parsley about ten minutes later. A handful of cheese and the cooked angel hair pasta completed the dish, which we mixed together and began to twirl. The pasta was a bit wetter this evening, so assembling it into nests was much harder than it was yesterday. We made a few little ones but couldn’t get the called for girth. Still, it tasted pretty good.

I have to confess that I deconstructed the nests before eating- they’re just annoying really. The food was more or less the same as yesterday, although it was a little more tasty today. It was certainly appreciated that we got two meat-free days in a row, and it’s always good to use more vegetables. The only problem is we have two thirds of an enormous eggplant to eat in the next few days. Any lunch suggestions? Ones that don’t require an oven, obviously. Tomorrow we are having Beef and Mushroom Nests, followed by the ubiquitous burger with “exotic chips”. Excellent, it’s been a few days since we had that level of exoticism in the house. On Monday we start a three-day run of cooking various fish in a sack. We haven’t yet figured out how we are going to manage to cook the cod, given that we still won’t have a functioning oven at that point. We can only hope that we will have the power on Tuesday to cook the “French” fish in a sack. Which I’m guessing- without reading in advance- consists of adding butter, garlic and parsley to the previous recipe. The following day the meal is “Spanish”, perhaps we’ll be breaking out the chorizo for that one.

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