Day 244: Nesting, nesting, 1.2.3.

September 1, 2007

The culinary adventure to kick off month 9 of this endeavour was Beef and Mushroom Nests; a variation on the meals of the last 2 days. Essentially this is a ground beef and tomato sauce with allspice as the mystery ingredient “(the thing that makes them go , “Hummmmm”)”, and mushrooms and parsley as filler material. The beef is browned, the mushroom, garlic and onions added, the salt pepper and allspice sprinkled, the pan deglazed with red wine, then the parsley, stock and tomatoes are added to the pot and everything simmers for a while. The drained angel hair pasta and a handful of cheese are thrown in, and the mixture rolled into nests.

This time I attempted to use a wooden fork and spoon to do the nesting, thinking that the larger size may have more spectacular results, but alas not. 3 days of making nests and I am yet to make a decent sized one. I am more of a hummingbird than a bald eagle, when it comes to homemaking, obviously. Anyway, this meal was probably the weakest of the three versions. It unfortunately tasted like canteen-food bolognese. There was nothing redeeming about it really; it was tomatoey, it had beef in it, it was bland-tastic. Maybe Baby A will enjoy it for lunch tomorrow, she has been resolutely unimpressed with versions 1 & 2. And there were we thinking she loved all things pasta.

Speaking of A, the transition into her new bed has been fantastic, she is doing great. L painted the kitchen for most of the day and A and I had a lot of fun in the garden. I can really see why so many people told us that moving from a condo to a house is a great idea once you have kids. It is so much easier to entertain her here, without having to go to the park three times a day. We got out some of the enormous pieces of cardboard and some squeezy paint. A was a little hesitant at first but ended up literally throwing herself into the activity, making her very first Yves Klein-esque work. I don’t want to be all gushy, but it’s so nice that she’s like a little interactive person, someone to talk to and play with. Toddlerhood is certainly hard on all around, but it certainly is funny. Anyway, other than that, the day was a good one- how can it be bad when the sun is shining and a neighbour brings you the most delicious home-made cake? Despite all the troubles, this house is a good house. We are really lucky to be here.

Tomorrow we will be having Five-Spice Burgers with Warm Mu Shu Slaw Topping, Pineapple, and Exotic Chips. Exotica here we come.

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  • Reply Melissa September 2, 2007 at 9:31 am

    The nesting thing was an odd idea but I am glad it was pasta you had make for so many days in a row with I can imagine a lot of foods that could have been much worse. If you were ever invited to do a show on RR would you do it.

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project September 6, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    I don’t know, I suppose we would, but it is so highly unlikely. I’d want a good make-up artist first…

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