Day 245: Losing it

September 2, 2007

Note to self: in future, if you ever move house again, make sure you know exactly in which of the gazillion boxes in the garage or basement the clean bedsheets are located, before putting the current set in the washing machine. You never know when your brand new, used maybe 5 times total, washing machine may have flooded water into the drawer below it, and refuse to start up again. Also, put privacy film on the bathroom window before your neighbours are due back from their holiday; you never know when they may come home a day early and you’ll be forced to use the toilet in the dark or sacrifice what little remains of your dignity.

This evening we made Five-Spice Burgers with Warm Mu Shu Slaw Topping, Pineapple, and Exotic Chips; our enjoyment of which may have been tainted a little by our general annoyance at just discovering the broken machine. As I need to resume the search for the bedding, this will be incredibly quick, but basically it’s a chunky pork burger made with Chinese seasonings, topped with a vegetable stir-fry in Hoisin sauce. The exotic chips made another comeback, and pineapple was served on the side. Unfortunately we forgot to buy fresh pineapple, so had to use tinned, and our bag of exotic chips was down to the bitter end, But, essentially this was another gigantic burger. It was better than a standard burger, and it was nice to get some extra vegetables in with the Mu Shu, and Hoisin sauce is always good. At the end of the day though, for us this was just another burger. I think the over-saturation of exotic chips may be the problem. Also, to be honest I’d rather have the Mu-Shu with little pancakes, and leave the whole meaty burger alone. Och well.

Tomorrow, we will be making Cod in a Sack, which is of course to be oven-cooked. We will have to improvise one way or another. Microwave? Pan? Sunshine? I know you can cook fish in a dishwasher, how about in the sink under very hot water?

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