Day 246: Don’t Google “cod in a sack”

September 3, 2007

This evening we had to find a way to cook Cod in a Sack, rather than wrapping the fish and vegetables in parchment paper and cooking it in an oven for 20 minutes. L proposed that we cook it on the pan with the lid on, but keep the recipe and instructions exactly the same- minus the parchment and the oven, obviously. I was too tired to even think what we should do, so this seemed to be a good plan. So we chopped the cauliflower, scallions, parsley, black olives and garlic, and placed it in a pre-heated pan with some olive oil. We added the cod, seasoned with salt and pepper, the anchovy fillets, the lemon zest and juice. We put the lid on and came back twenty minutes later.

Meanwhile, we continued to unpack some of our many, many boxes of kitchen stuff. Turns out we have so many boxes because the most ridiculous things have been individually wrapped in paper. Like dish towels, and plastic bibs. And silicone bakeware, because you know that rubber is pretty breakable, and it can really damage something if it rubs up against it. And wooden spoons should of course be individually wrapped, to stop that terrible breeding for which they are renowned.

So once the fish was ready, we transferred it to a plate and set about sharing the meal, with one adult fork and one baby fork. The cauliflower and olives were pretty tasty; the cauliflower had definitely picked up alot of the flavours in the pan. The fish was a little on the bland side. Overall, this was ok but not great. I don’t think that the cooking method allowed the recipe to suffer- the balance of flavours would still be very similar, if not identical. We wouldn’t bother trying this one again, as there are many more interesting ways of cooking fish. Or not; I spent a good few minutes in the grocery store this evening lustily gazing at the sushi. Good thing we moved house, otherwise I’d have my face pressed against the window of the fantastic Japanese restaurant we used to live opposite, the one where we were greeted as regulars before Baby A came and our social life took a nose-dive. Window licking is socially unacceptable, or so I am led to believe.

So tomorrow, we may get to break-in our new oven with French Fish in a Sack. I wrongly assumed that the French quality would come from butter and parsley; it is indeed tarragon and asparagus. We may however still be cooking outside, we mustn’t get ahead of ourselves. If all goes according to plan, tomorrow we should get a fridge, an oven, a dishwasher, a microwave and a kitchen tap, all hooked up. That would give us both running water and ice-making capabilities, never mind the inside-cooking thing. If we also get electricity to our sockets, we could unpack the coffee machine and infinitely reduce our embarrassingly frequent trips to Starbucks. Also, we are supposed to get blackout blinds tomorrow for our bedrooms so napping in broad daylight is a thing of the past for the little one (and myself on those rare days). And, if we’re really lucky we may get our washing machine both repaired/ replaced and moved to the other side of the dryer so that laundry is not a logistical nightmare/ impossibility for the 8 months pregnant person among us. So many potential good things in one day, here’s keeping those fingers crossed.

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  • Reply Mel September 3, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    Plasticware individually wrapped….I love it! Can’t wait until you find your Tupperware….THAT stuff breeds! Makes you wonder whether removalists have ever been on the receiving end of a removal and actually had to UNWRAP all that stuff.

    Fingers crossed that all your good things come true for you today.

    All the best,

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project September 7, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    Today we came across an old plastic baby food container- individually wrapped in two sheets of paper. What is going on with these people? And we can’t find anything among all the pieces of paper. Fun times!

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