Day 247: Another fish without a sack

September 4, 2007

Today we got refrigeration. Inside the house. With a water dispenser and everything. We also have an oven, microwave and dishwasher, all in place, although they all need electricity. But hooray for progress. Also, we have blackout blinds for the bedrooms, some of which even fit, and a kitchen tap with real live running water (and a wobble, but hey who cares at this point?). Tomorrow we are hoping for electricity to the rest of the appliances, sealed grout on the kitchen floor, and a visit from the manager of the tile shop. Hopefully there will be some sort of resolution that is acceptable to all. Worst case scenario we can invoke the Visa 90 day guarantee and cancel payment for the tile- but we’d still have a patchy bathroom and we’d still have to pay the tiler. I don’t know what we can hope for here. We don’t want to be bathroom-free again, but we also don’t want a terrible patchy wall situation. When the repairman for the washing machine today told me that it would take a week for the replacement seal to be ordered, I almost lost it. On his way out he asked when the baby was due and I pretty much did lose it for a while. So I can imagine I’ll be extremely helpful in negotiations tomorrow. If crying is in any way beneficial to the situation, usually not. This happened towards the end of my last pregnancy too, around the time when you have to sit down mid-task, the lack of sleep and the hormones get to me and I can cry at anything, literally. Puppies, kittens, broken washing machines, you name it. I am a treat to be around, no really it’s true.

Anyway, this evening we made French Fish in a Sack, still outside on the pan, as our oven is not ready for take-off quite yet. The recipe is very similar to the meal we made yesterday, omitting the anchovies, olives and garlic, replacing the parsley with tarragon, the cod with sole, and the cauliflower with asparagus. We both enjoyed this version marginally better than yesterday’s, but that’s probably because sole and asparagus seemed a better combination than cod and cauliflower. It was still a little dull, and still a little uneventful, but it was pleasant enough. I thought some sliced new potatoes in there would have been a good addition, removing the need for salad and crusty bread. Tomorrow, the final sack dish; Spanish Fish in a Sack. No chorizo, but red snapper is the fish and roasted red peppers the new addition.

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