Day 248: The end is nigh

September 5, 2007

On this the most ridiculously hot September day, L and I made Spanish Fish in a Sack [recipe]. The electrician did not grace us with his presence today, so we still don’t have a working oven, so we made this using the pan as a sack, just like we have for the last two days. Surprisingly, this meal was the best of the three, which doesn’t often happen with three variations in a row- normally by the last dish we are biased against a meal through shear overexposure, even though we try to be objective. We substituted tilapia as we couldn’t get red snapper, and the fish was fantastically well cooked- moist and delicate and flavoursome; a great success. The beans and roasted red peppers were tasty and good too. I still thought that there was room for potatoes in this dish; interestingly the Food Network website shows that this meal was presented with a chorizo and potato dish, that sounds delicious. Overall, a good one; for absolute fuss-free fish, this recipe is a winner.

In home renovation news, tomorrow we are expecting electricity for the rest of our appliances, and on Friday we are getting a new washing machine to replace the broken old new one. The tile man came out today and agreed that the walls look bad- he is going to make some calls and get back to us… And we are scheduled to get our floors downstairs sanded next Monday, which was pretty much the last thing to be done downstairs. So hopefully by this time next week, we’ll have furniture out of the garage and in the living room. Woohoo. Maybe we’ll lose a bathroom for a while but at least we can lounge. Which will be super-nice, particularly as this heat is turning my feet into comedy pregnancy balloon feet. Mmm-mmm. Comfortable and attractive.

Tomorrow, we will hopefully break in the new oven with Pistachio Pesto. Given our well-documented love of pesto, it seems appropriate that we should start cooking in the new house with a three-day pesto run. No complaints here.

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