Day 249: Serious love

September 6, 2007

Oh man, our kitchen is seconds away from being finished (minus the splashback) and it is beautiful. I heart it so much I almost want to cry. Seriously it has been worth the wait, the space seems enormous compared to when we bought this place, and it is just such a pleasant room to be in. And the dishwasher. Well, what can I say, it’s quiet, it washes dishes, it’s not a grotty sink down in the basement. The microwave appears to be more intelligent than all of us put together- it’s an oven too, one that doesn’t need any pre-warming, and the extractor fan comes on automatically when your cooking gets too steamy. The oven I haven’t yet explored but after cooking outside on an electric hotplate where pasta water takes ten minutes to return to a boil having just been poured from a boiling kettle, this is awesome. The water bubbled away in the pan just like it was supposed to. Mmmm, appliances. I may have already mentioned my fridge love- drinking ice water is my new favourite thing to do. And our coffee machine is back up and running- life is sweet!

This evening we hung around in our new kitchen (did I mention how lovely it is?) and made Pistachio Pesto. It was so nice to cook a good meal, inside, with no mosquitoes for company- it was like a swift reminder that cooking is actually quite a pleasant activity and doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Of course feel free to remind me of that when we are cooking some of the 5 chicken recipes in a row which are approaching next month. It certainly helped that our first meal inside was pesto, our all time favourite dinner of choice. This one was made with toasted pistachio nuts, parsley, mint, Parmigiano cheese and olive oil blended together in the food processor (which has a space of it’s own in the cupboard; it’s no longer on top of the dryer in the basement). The pesto was mixed with the cooked linguine, sautéed zucchini and garlic, some whole toasted pistachios and salt and pepper to taste. The pasta was a really good alternative to basil pesto, it was delicate and flavoursome, with some good crunch from the whole nuts. It inspired me to add zucchini into our repertoire of vegetables to put in pesto (currently consisting of frozen peas, occasionally corn if Baby A is the recipient), in the future, once this is all over. I don’t even like the vegetable formerly referred to, by us, as courgette, or at least I think that I don’t, but this was really good. Winner. Tomorrow we make Pecan and Arugula Pesto, let’s hope it’s as tasty.

Tomorrow is also the day when the temperatures are set to drop back to a normal for September, which will be a huge relief. It has just started raining cats and dogs and there’s a cool breeze for the first time in days, it’s delicious. We are expecting our new washing machine tomorrow, and we need to work out a solution to the bathroom situation. The tile shop are being good about the disaster it seems; they have offered either to refund what we paid for the tile, or to supply it again and pay labour costs to have it reinstalled. We have to figure out if the actual costs of replacement are more than what they are willing to pay, and act accordingly. The only big set-back, other than the fact that we’ll be back in the basement bathroom for a week, is that the tiler’s schedule may mean that he can’t fit us in for a few weeks. We can’t be bathroom free with a newborn. Going into this birth thing second time round, I can guess that I’ll be too unhinged to deal with workmen in the house and no bath. I’ll blame it all on the plummeting hormones.

Speaking of baby, it occured to me today that this time in my pregnancy with A we had everything set up- newborn nappies, tiny clothes, a changing table, everything. Poor Baby #2- I think we bought her a couple of t-shirts on sale a couple of months ago, but that’s it. Her room is full of cat paraphernalia and boxes. We lent all of A’s stuff to friends with a baby a year younger than A. They are ready to return it given that their little one is now old enough to move into a bigger carseat and such. I got a panicked phone call saying that we should let them know exactly when to bring everything back because the baby could come any minute and we probably really want to get organised. At the time I thought it was quite funny, given that having a baby has been so far down the list of things to do, but maybe we should get things together. Then having 2 kids may seem a little less abstract, a little more like an impending reality. Not that that is necessarily a good thing… she said with her head firmly stuck in the sand.

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  • Reply Jojo September 6, 2007 at 9:18 pm

    Your countertops are GORGEOUS!!!

  • Reply Sine September 7, 2007 at 7:32 am

    Beautiful kitchen. Congratulations!

  • Reply Joannie September 7, 2007 at 8:40 am

    I’m so happy for you and the progress made with the appliances! The change is amazing!

    Pistachio pesto sounds delicious. I can just imagine the joy cooking your favorite meal in your brand new kitchen. It makes the wait worth it.

    BTW, in case you are interested, we had a baby boy — Alister James, 8 lbs. 13 oz. He is number 4 for us. The second baby seems like so much more work but you’ll get the hang of things quickly. It’s always crazy bringing a newborn home.

  • Reply The Home Cook September 7, 2007 at 2:16 pm

    The kitchen looks fantastic. I love the cabinets and the counters and the appliances…everything, really.

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project September 7, 2007 at 8:35 pm

    Aw, thanks everyone, we do love it muchly, indeed. Huge congratulations Joannie, hope all is going fantastically well. Dr D, you totally should come on over and have some vino, I’m sure after the baby comes I’ll have got over my obsessive wiping of every speck of liquid on the countertop habit, so it should be a little more relaxing.

  • Reply Doctor D September 7, 2007 at 5:59 pm

    What a wonderful kitchen, I may have to invite myself and T over for a glass of vino, AB (after baby of course). All the trips to IKEA were worth the hassle!

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