Day 25: The best of chilli, the best of mac-n-cheese

January 25, 2007


Tonight we remade dinner from last night, but this time we added ground beef and cooked pasta. This was surprisingly satisfying, like a spiced up chilli pasta sauce. Pasta and celery is always a bit of an odd thing, but this meal was tasty and good. I have to admit that minutes after the photo was taken, I added a handful of frozen peas to the meal, as I have been in withdrawal from their yummy green goodness. A great addition, maybe I should write in to Rachael Ray with my culinary insights!

A few minutes before the photo was taken, we realised that the camera battery needed to be charged. So dinner had to sit waiting while the battery charged enough to take some pictures. This happened yesterday and the day before. And no, the battery isn’t faulty, but we could well be.

Tomorrow, Florentine Meatballs. The instructions say form the mixture into large balls. I’ll say no more.

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