Day 250: Stir pesto, or pesto fry

September 7, 2007

Sometimes it feels like we’ve been cooking the Rachael Ray way forever, and other days I look at the recipe number and think, wowser, how is this year flying by so fast? Day 250, that’s alot of days. I got a couple of things in my email inbox this week which made me smile:

Prepare food to eat after your baby’s born. If you cook, start doubling recipes and freezing half. You and your partner will be too exhausted to cook in the first weeks after you bring your baby home and you’ll be thrilled to have healthy meals you can heat up fast. If you don’t cook, go around your neighborhood and pick up all the takeout and delivery menus you can find. You’ll be grateful for all the options at your fingertips.

[ “Your Pregnancy- 35 Weeks” email]

As someone who has purchased or rated books by Nigella Lawson, you might like to know that Nigella Express will be released on 6 September 2007. You can pre-order yours for just £14.99 (40% off the RRP) by following the link below.


I have to get that book; maybe we can move on to Nigella Lawson’s quick-cooking recipes when we’re finished with this book. Nigella is totally my favourite celebrity chef. She’s just so damn posh and so very very English. And she seriously loves food. And I haven’t met a cake recipe of hers yet that I didn’t absolutely love. Although thinking about it, I think I love pretty much all home made baking, regardless of whose recipe is at stake. So maybe we can work our way through her book next. Or maybe we can order pizza every night instead. Or eat beans straight from the can, like back in the good old student days (I speak purely for myself here, perhaps L spooned herring direct from the can, although I doubt it, he’s far more polite than I, in eating matters that is, not speaking matters).

Speaking of budget foods, we got hit today with a whopping addition to our bill for the work that’s almost done. It is seriously huge- there has been so many instances where things have previously been done so badly (eg, the plumbing in kitchen and bathroom directly connected, stove vented into a cupboard) that to bring everything up to code to pass all the building inspections, mammoth amounts of extra work have had to be done. We can’t quarrel with the bill, it all seems fair, but man, this has hit us really, really hard. Like breaking into a cold sweat whenever we think about it, hard. We will be selling our souls imminently.

That sort of put a damper on the day, to say the least, although we did get a replacement washing machine and the best part of our living room back. A no longer will be able to point at power tools and repeatedly say “Steve’s saw, don’t like it. Loud. Dave’s drill, don’t like it. Loud.” I’m sure she’ll find something else to say “I don’t like it” about, though, of that we’re not worried. Anyway, after a stressful day it was actually nice to relax by cooking Pecan and Arugula Pesto.

The vegetable contingent consisted of baby carrots and green beans, sautéed with garlic in olive oil. Sliced scallions were added just before serving. The pesto itself was made with toasted pecan pieces, arugula, olive oil, Parmigiano cheese, salt and pepper, all blitzed in the food processor. Everything was tossed together with the cooked fettucine and some grated nutmeg. Bob’s your uncle; dinner.

This is a pretty good meal. It wasn’t as good as yesterday, but it was still refreshing to have a colourful, vegetarian dish. The pesto was tasty enough, although it didn’t rival basil-based pesto by any means. The only slightly weird thing was the choice of added vegetables- this became a bit of a pasta pesto/ stir-fry hybrid, neither one nor the other. Whereas the zucchini yesterday complemented the pasta perfectly, these vegetables seemed a little out of place. Tomorrow we will be making Walnut-Parsley-Rosemary Pesto, which I believe features cauliflower as the guest vegetable.

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    Would you ever go on R.R. show if they asked? Your home is looking wonderful it looks very warm and cozy.

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