Day 253: Energy levels

September 10, 2007

This morning I met a friend for coffee before my 8 month OB appointment. We lent all of Baby A’s stuff- clothes, swing, car seat etc- to these friends when they had a baby, and then today I got it all back again. There’s nothing like a car full of baby stuff to bring home the reality that life is about to change again. Following that with a doctor’s visit when you seriously discuss delivery dates, is like a double whammy. We had to choose a backup doctor as ours will be away for the weekend right around the due date, and on vacation/ out of the office for a couple of weeks. Provided we don’t have the baby in the car, she will come in for the birth, which is super nice. Our backup doctor is also out of the office for a week in there somewhere, so there are no guarantees. Except that there will be a baby in the next five weeks or so.

Now that I have the fear, L and I revisited the bathroom issue. We are both so very very tired of construction, and fearful that we will be mid-remodel or bathroom free when the baby comes, that we are considering just living with the dodgy tile. If the tile plus labour can be covered by the tile shop, hopefully with a little compensation thrown in for good measure, we think we’ll just live with it. Our current financial disasters aside, neither of us have the energy to deal with more workmen, more dust, more weeks where we’ll be bathing A in the basement, and more time with the cats locked in a bedroom- namely the baby room. We’d like to set up for the baby and then get on with everything else that needs to be dealt with, work-wise, and just live at home.

We are so close to things being done. The floor sanding should be complete by Friday rather than Wednesday- the sanders had been sure that each night we could walk on the floors by 6pm each night, but they are down a person. As a one-man job, the living room is sanded, the stairs will be done tomorrow, with three coats of varnish to follow. And then we (L) can finish painting and move our stuff in. And maybe even sit down, on a sofa. The luxury.

This afternoon I had my most productive work day probably since I got pregnant first time around and became so very, very tired. In an effort to not drink too many cups of coffee today, I bought a flavoured water, without paying much attention to the label. Turns out it was some sort of energy drink and even after only drinking half a bottle I have been buzzing ever since. The baby inside is going crazy too- not so comfortable these days, what with the downward head grinding and all. I think I should lay off that stuff for the next few weeks, but I can definitely see it in my future…

Speaking of things to avoid, this evening I made Ham and Asparagus Tartines, which feature brie as the cheese of choice. I had mine with cheddar, not so glamourous, but still pretty tasty. The tartines were like an open face version of yesterday’s croque monsieur, but minus the cheese on the outside. The bread was spread with the white sauce, lined with ham, covered in blanched asparagus and topped with the cheese. The whole lot was broiled to melt the cheese, and served with the salad on the side.

The bread was meant to be from a farmhouse loaf, but we used what we had and the tartine was still quite successful. The meal seemed a little more special than yesterday- less like a cheese toastie and more like a bit of an indulgent treat. The fresh crispy asparagus on top of the ham and the sauce was quite gratifying, and L said the brie was a nice addition. Even with a strong cheddar, this meal was good; a nice light evening supper or extra classy afternoon snack. Tomorrow we will be eating Italian Open-Face Sandwiches, before we move on to the heftier -sounding noodle bake/ chicken dish/ burger rotations.

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  • Reply Joannie September 11, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    This meal looks delicious! I love open-faced grilled sandwiches. Asparagus on toasted bread is not something I would ever think to pair together but in the picture, it looks wonderful. I’ll give it a try sometime. 🙂

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