Day 26: Big meaty balls

January 26, 2007

Tonight we thoroughly enjoyed Florentine Meatballs [recipe]; delicious large oven-baked balls of turkey with spinach, garlic and onion. (Lame ball jokes; they never get old). They were light and tasty, with a good creamy cheese sauce. Our only observation was that they’d have been even better made with pork, and not just so that we could make yet more double entendres.

This really was a meal that could be thrown together very easily if you had the ingredients on hand. The meatballs took about 10 minutes to assemble, including chopping time. They were put on a cookie sheet and baked in the oven for 20 minutes. We cooked them for a little longer to get some colour on the surface, so overall this meal took 35 minutes to complete. The sauce was a cheese sauce made from scratch. Maybe I am improving in sauce-making with the recent practice, but this took only a few minutes of attention. Served with a green salad, there was plenty of time to wander around waiting for the food to be cooked. Personally, I spent some of that time charging the battery for the camera. Evidently I am incapable of learning from mistakes.

All in all though, this seems like a great basic dish to be able to cook at short notice. This could easily be served with pasta, or in soup, or even as individual meatloaves. Had we not eaten every last bit, we could have tried it cold. It would probably be pretty good in sandwiches, I would imagine.

Tomorrow, we will debut Pumpkin Pasta with Sausage and Wild Mushrooms. This sounds like the perfect meal when it’s supposed to be subzero temperatures outside. It’s the first time we’ve ever bought pumpkin in a tin, let’s see if we’ll do it again next year.

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  • Reply GM February 20, 2007 at 7:03 am

    I was hoping to get the husband to post, as he was the one to prepare the meal, but maybe some other time…We just made this recipe (last week) and liked the results, but there was just way too much meat for it to be my main course. In the future, I think we will definitely take your recommendation of adding it to pasta/soup, instead of serving it solo. The husband thought it was an entertaining recipe to make, or wait, it was entertaining to watch him make it. He did say it was easily prepared, which is a huge plus in our house. BTW, our food was definitely not as photographic as yours!

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