Day 260: Burger time: like Hammer Time but without the baggy trousers

September 17, 2007

This evening we had a “discussion” while preparing Buffalo Turkey Burgers with Blue Cheese Dressing. Said “discussion” revolved around our plans for getting someone to take care of A, and getting me to the hospital when I go into labour, given that L works 60 miles away from home, and our hospital is about 20 miles away. Given that this baby is officially classed as full-term in 3 days (37 weeks) you might think that we’d have plans in place. Oh no we don’t, but we will, soon. Be wary anyone who I may invite for coffee in the next few days… Then of course there’s the cooking thing. Maybe we’ll end up behind a day, worse case scenario, but we are going to try and carry on through. Why stop now; we’re 3/4 of the way through the year already. I must say though, I am quite looking forward to hospital food and takeout pizza, just for the novelty value.

Anyway, the meal tonight was pretty tasty and relatively straightforward. It is billed as being the burger equivalent of Buffalo wings with blue cheese dipping sauce. The wings were replaced with ground turkey mixed with grill and poultry seasonings, scallions, garlic and oil. The ubiquitous celery stick was chopped and included in the burger mixture, rather than being served on the side. The burgers were fried until cooked, then removed from the pan. The pan was wiped clean, then into it was melted some butter with hot sauce added. The burgers were then glazed in the hot sauce and served on a bun. The blue cheese (or feta, in our case) dressing was a simple mix of sour cream and cheese crumbles, spooned on top of the burger. The recipe says to serve with cloleslaw and barbeque chips. We went with what we had handy; salad.

Aside from the fact that the dressing had the consistency of make-your-own-cottage-cheese, this burger was surprisingly good. The burger was well-seasoned (we proceeded cautiously with the grill seasoning, after learning from past experiences) and the celery offered a good bite to it. The hot sauce was an interesting addition, and the dressing was satisfying in a cold, creamy sort of way. I’m not sure that this would cure a wing-craving entirely, but it might help bring a bad craving down a notch or two. The wings we order, on the rare occasions when we get to the bar, are terriyaki wings; delicious morsels of yummy wonder (I say morsels, these wings come from the pterodactyl of the cicken world, they are enormous). But even as a not hugely enthusiastic fan of buffalo wings, I can see the appeal, and this burger certainly works.

In house news, we passed our final inspection today, and the contractor will finish up tomorrow. We are going to get the radiator installed in the kitchen so we can use our heating system- not so critical today now that it’s warmer, but we were all utterly freezing at the weekend when temperatures suddenly dropped into the 30’s. We will have a whole construction-free day, before the tiler comes back to try and make-good the bathroom bad, and to tile the kitchen splashback. One day this will all be over, we have to believe. To take our mind off things, tomorrow night we will be having Baked Sesame Eggplant Subs with Fire-Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Sauce, which certainly sound interesting.

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  • Reply Amy September 19, 2007 at 12:28 pm

    Do you use the grill seasoning she recommends? I’ve tried several different brands (my store doesn’t have what she says to use) and found that they’re not all the same. Some are overly salty, others too peppery.

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