Day 263: It never rains but it pours

September 20, 2007

Maybe I’m going to buy a copy of ‘The Secret’, because seriously, you have to wonder if we are somehow jinxed. We are like the poster children of what happens to you when you don’t believe good things are destined to come your way. Maybe with a more positive attitude, two more fantastic things would not have graced are relatively full plates. In the red corner we have a relatively lightweight trouble compared to the monster in the blue corner. Both are hard work individually, but combined they are a fearsome duo of sheer strength and brute force.

So, let’s recap for a second on New Trouble #1: New kitchen with island requires smaller radiator in order to fit. So, radiator is found at a salvage yard, tested, purchased, sandblasted and painted. New floor is laid, with radiant heat element under the concrete, and porcelain tile on top. The heating man tells the tiler where to drill holes for the new pipes, holes are drilled. Radiator is installed, the holes are in the wrong place, and the radiator is wonky.

Update as of this morning: tiler can remove the four ruined tiles but this runs the risk that the under-floor heating element will be damaged in the process. Leaving us with no heat in the floor, and the possibility of ripping out the entire job and starting all over, with no kitchen for a week. Sound familiar?

Update as of this afternoon: the radiator has a crack in the seam and is leaking. So our heating system is being drained, leaving us no heat in the house with the exception of the currently working kitchen floor. The contractor is going to remove the radiator in the morning and try and find one small enough to fit the space. Which will then be sanded, installed blah blah blah. All in a day’s work.

New Trouble # 2 needs no recap. To put it in context, we had a heavy storm this evening with rain, lots of lovely, lovely rain. Which is leaking through the roof in at least three places, coming into the soon-to-be baby room through the lovely new smooth ceiling (now new and improved with extra large crack!). It’s not yet started coming into the other bedrooms, but there is a monster wet patch above A’s room and a smaller one in the opposite corner. We can’t stop the leaks in the attic space because of the way the water is being absorbed and redistributed through the wooden framework of the house. This roof is apparently 2 years old, one of the reasons that buying this house seemed like such a good deal. We have all the paperwork from the company who did the job, but there is no mention of a warranty. I have left a message with the company, who do at least still seem to be in business. Watch this space…

Having reached an all-time low of despondency this afternoon, I have reached the conclusion that you have to laugh. Or else all the stress has rendered me delusional; that is a distinct possibility. Anyway, that’s our news for the day. Oh and we did get half a backsplash in the kitchen, which looks great so far. We are using the same tile as is on the floor (leftovers) but cut into strips. It does look yummy. Baby #2 is officially full-term today which I keep telling people in the hope that it will start to feel a little more real. On the plus side, at least no baby room furnishings got ruined by the water, given that there are no furnishings yet.

So, yes, something about food, cooking, Rachael Ray, something. We did make Grilled Swordfish Salad which L enjoyed. It was quick and easy, fortunately, given the circumstances under which it was cooked. The fish was chopped into bite-size chunks and marinated for ten minutes in olive oil, lemon juice, zest and salt and pepper. It was then grilled over a high heat. The salad consisted of chopped zucchini, tomatoes, red onion, parsley and mint, dressed in a crushed garlic, lemon juice and olive oil dressing. It certainly looked pretty, I used the pregnancy card to eat jam on toast instead. Mmm, jam, it’s been so long since we met for dinner. L’s verdict was that his was a meal that you would be happy to eat in a restaurant; highest praise indeed. However, that did come with the one caveat that if you don’t like raw onion or raw garlic, this meal would not be a good choice. I fall into that camp; I think we’d have had a major difference in opinion over this one. Tomorrow we will be cooking Warm and Cold Bordeaux Salad, Lamb Loins with Red Wine, and Sweet Carrots and White Beans. It certainly sounds convoluted, I’m going to dig out the stopwatch and test that 30 minute premise.

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  • Reply Melissa September 21, 2007 at 3:47 am

    The way that you write I forget that you all are real and I feel like I am watching a really good British sitcom. I am so sorry for all your troubles but I love to read about them. I hope I don’t sound cold I mean everything as complementary as possible

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