Day 266: One hundred recipes left to go (in 99 days)

September 23, 2007

Today was a good day, with the exception of the utterly bogging meal we cooked for dinner. We finally had our Sunday-morning friends round to a habitable house. The luxury! We could sit in the lounge or the kitchen, what a choice. Obviously we ended up outside where the kids played in the sprinkler, and we got locked out. Fortunately we have a lock-box on the front door, so that the tradesman can come and go. I overheard the contractor tell someone the code once, which was really lucky because not only were our keys locked inside, but also our mobile phones. Still, all is well that ends well. After leaving some slightly testy messages when the roofing company failed to turn up once more (“I don’t think I mentioned before that I am 9 months pregnant and that the rain is leaking into the baby room…”) they apparently came and mended the roof while we were out this afternoon. So presumably they found a ladder somewhere after all, it’s a minor miracle.

We went to the Mall of America this afternoon and got L some jeans because all his clothes are too big since we moved and his tiny bit of excess flesh disappeared. As I grow he shrinks. We got me some fat pants for after the baby comes, drawstring waists all the way, baby. Soon after we got to the mall, I started to get some low-grade period-pain-like cramps. I still have them 4 hours later, maybe we’ll end up having a baby one of these days after all. Which is a little scary, things have been so hectic that I haven’t really given any mental time or energy to the thought that we have a new baby on the way. I did have a bit of an emotional turn putting A to bed- one of these days will be the last day of only having our little girl. It’s impossible to anticipate how things will turn out, hopefully A won’t feel too displaced, and Baby #2 won’t end up too neglected.

Anyway, we do now have a couple of sets of people lined up to look after A while we are otherwise engaged, which is good. We haven’t asked anyone to stand in to cook for us, so we’ll have to wing it. There is internet access from the hospital, and L will be at home with A in the evenings once the baby comes, so we may get a day behind at most, but we’ll do our best to keep up. I’m sure it’ll be the only thing on our minds.

So this evening we made Grilled Halibut with Fennel, Orange, Red Onions and Oregano [recipe] which is essentially grilled halibut over a salad of onion-flavoured orange. L bought the only piece of halibut in the shop and it was huge and expensive. This cooking method, unfortunately, was not a good way to cook the fish. Grilled with salt and pepper and olive oil, this tasted like the boring part of a fish supper from the fish and chip shop. Take away the batter, the salt and vinegar and the ketchup, and you’re left with a really plain piece of uninspiring white fish. The salad part was worse than boring, it was quite unpleasant. The red onion and fennel are fried, red wine vinegar is added to the pan, then the heat is turned off and the sliced orange, orange zest, parsley and oregano are added to the mixture. This salad tastes like a peeled orange that’s been kept in a box with some raw onions. Neither of us were partial to this balance of flavours in any way shape or form. At least there was bread to eat, also grilled in olive oil with salt and pepper. It helped a little, but really this meal was 100% disappointing; most definitely not a keeper in this house.

Tomorrow we will be eating Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Breasts with a Cheddar-Mustard Sauce which conceivably could be ok, perhaps. Or maybe not, who knows?

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