Day 271: A delicious little starter

September 28, 2007

Today I inadvertently really upset A by forgetting to take her lunch bag to daycare. I remembered in time for lunch, so I thought, and raced down there intending to slip it into the cloakroom and disappear unseen. Unfortunately they seem to have started getting ready to eat lunch at the crack of dawn so I had to take the bag into her classroom. She was sitting there quite happily with a lunch that they had put together with leftovers from last night’s parents night. My arrival prompted a total melt-down as she said over and over “I all done. I go home.” I felt so terrible, parents should not be around during the day at daycare, it’s just too confusing for the wee ones. After I left I felt a bit like I did when we would first leave her there, so very very sad to leave behind our little girl. Of course my hormones are raging and A suddenly seems so very grown up. I can only imagine how huge she’ll seem next to her newborn sibling.

The end may well finally be in sight for the remodel. The tiler cut and replaced the corner of the ruined tiles on the kitchen floor today, and finished tiling a skirt for the bath. Now it looks like we have a fancy inlaid built-in bath. Tomorrow he will grout everything, and maybe then he’ll go on his merry way. There are only a few other odds and ends that need doing, and we are done. I assembled the bouncy seat for the baby this evening, and we bought some newborn nappies the other day, so we aren’t in complete denial. The bouncy seat always makes me snicker a little as the baby gets strapped in to a pair of giant underpants. It would be nice if money were no object and we had beautiful baby furniture, but alas even the best looking cheap stuff that we could find last pregnancy is alarmingly ugly to bring out again. Och well, it’s only for a few months.

This evening we made Mixed Wild Mushroom Sauté on Toast Points with Gruyere, which is a very tasty little number, but could well have been a starter rather than a main course. Essentially garlic, shallots and a variety of mushrooms were sautéed in olive oil and butter and seasoned with salt, pepper and thyme. Flour was sprinkled on the mixture, sherry whisked in, stock and half-and-half added, and the whole lot simmered for a while. The mixture was served on toast and topped with grated Gruyere cheese, with a baby spinach salad alongside.

The mixture is creamy and rich and tasty, and would make a good party food with toast or crackers. We used to make something very similar as a dip, by chopping up the mushrooms rather than slicing them. The mushrooms could equally have gone beautifully with a steak and some green salad. Tomorrow we will be remaking the mushrooms with Mushroom Sauté on Charred Polenta and Seared Spicy Ham. The ham sounds good, the polenta not so much.

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  • Reply Doctor D October 1, 2007 at 5:42 am

    The endless guilt trips, as a parent, more than double when you have two children. Isn’t that funny, in a few short weeks baby A will likely be torturing you for having a second in her own sweet ways. Of course, who would blame her, as she is now the center of your world. Little does she know, this new creature will enrich her life in may ways.

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project October 8, 2007 at 8:14 pm

    Eeek, is it too late to cange our minds?

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project October 8, 2007 at 8:15 pm

    Or even change them?

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