Day 277: Yummo

October 4, 2007

This evening we made Chorizo-Tomato Stew on Garlic Croutons with Zesty Parsley Sprinkle [recipe– minus the egg, that’s for tomorrow] which is a surprisingly good meal, an excellent one in fact. The cooking started badly when I realised that our chorizo was mouldy. I didn’t know cured meats could go off in the fridge, but it’s probably been there a while, since the last chorizo recipe we made. I went out to buy fresher chorizo (we’d been at the store maybe half an hour earlier) and somehow felt like a really bad joke. A hugely pregnant woman goes to the shop and buys a sausage and nothing else…

Anyway, aside from the muchos chopping, this meal is super easy. L chopped the onion, garlic, carrots, celery, thyme, potatoes, chorizo and I put it together with some chicken stock and fire-roasted tomatoes. I didn’t use any of the called for olive oil to fry the chorizo, given that chorizo is about as fatty as meat can be. But other than that, we followed the recipe closely. At the bottom of the bowl we made croutons with toasted country style bread rubbed with a crushed clove of garlic. The stew went on top, and a garnish of parsley, lemon and orange zest went on the top.

The stew is really hearty, tasty and satisfying. It was the perfect 30 minute meal, with minimal washing up and effort for the results. We would certainly make this again, it would probably be really good with some butternut squash in there, or some peas. All in all, a winner. I liked the croutons in the bottom of the bowl, they managed to retain some crispiness as the stew was not terribly liquid-y. I suppose the croutons on the bottom are no stranger than eating soup in a bread bowl, something to which I have become quite partial.The only thing that we’d ditch would be the zests chopped in with the parsley. They offered an interesting flavour addition, but the stew itself certainly stands well alone.

Let’s see how it improves with a poached egg on top tomorrow, in the form of Anyone for Brunch? B, L, or D Adaptation (That’s Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner to You!). I can’t say I’m too convinced that this would be a good breakfast option, we’re more of a cereal and toast sort of house.

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