Day 279: I just don’t get it

October 6, 2007

First off, how can it be 85 degrees in October? How can we be sitting around sweating? 2 years ago when we brought A home from the hospital it was frosty and deliciously autumnal. Today? Freaky humid weather, and they say global warming is made up.

This will be quick as I am itching to turn on the oven to make it even hotter some cupcakes for A’s birthday. I am going for piggies, her number one obsession, but I failed in my mission to find either pink marshmallows or pink chocolate buttons. So, I have some pink M&M’s and some pink yogurt covered somethings, and I’ll have to do what I can do.

This evening we made the most bewildering meal, Everything-Crusted Chicken Rolls Stuffed with Scallion Cream Cheese.The idea behind this, apparently is that you have bagels with “everything” on them, presumably eaten with cream cheese, so why not apply the principal to chicken cutlets? Why not indeed. First off, spreading cream cheese on raw poultry ranks pretty highly in my list of ridiculous tasks undertaken in the name of Rachael Ray. The chicken is rolled up and seasoned with salt and pepper. It is then dredged in flour, dipped in egg then rolled in the mixture of everything. Everything, in this case, being breadcrumbs, dried garlic, dehydrated onion flakes, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. The roles are then fried and served with raw vegetables. Apparently they are good eaten either hot or cold, and a great hit at picnics and tailgating parties.

In theory, I have a small problem with trying to replicate a bread product with meat. It speaks of low-carb dieting, a horrible, insidious and, for me, impossible practice. Bread is it, and so is pasta, and meat for breakfast doesn’t cut it. Anyway, I digress. In fairness, this wasn’t the worst food we have had all year, it just didn’t really work for us. It was institutional through and through. The smell, the texture and the taste all smacked of canteen food, it just lacked a plate of greasy cold chips. The way the cream cheese oozed out of the end of the roll when you cut into the it was a little disconcerting, to say the least. Unfortunately this was one of those things that gets less appealing the more you eat. Still, it was nice to have some raw vegetables.

Tomorrow we will be having Pasta with a Lot of Mussel, which sounds genuinely good. It’s spaghetti with mussels, tomato and chorizo which sounds super duper.

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