Day 285: Holding pattern

October 12, 2007

First off, let me just say that the baby is still inside, despite my many aches and complaints. Never have I been so happy as to have workmen out of the house as when I took a ridiculously long bath this morning. So, we are still here and so did have the dubious joy of recreating yesterday’s meal, adding toasted almonds and substituting golden raisins for the cherries. There was also some chives sprinkled on top, although I only remembered that after I took the photo.

One of the drawbacks with this variation, is that the meal takes on a particularly anaemic colour palette. The golden raisins are the exact same shade as the celery and onion, and the toasted almonds blend in beautifully with the chicken. Whilst the variation yesterday was moderately interesting because of the dried cherries, this version was just dull dull dull. Even the chives didn’t help.

Tomorrow, version three of this dish is another tribute, this time to Almodovar; For Almodovar: Spicy Spanish Raisin and Olive Chicken, Olé! There is chorizo in there, plus olives, so it sounds a little more intriguing than today’s version. Maybe that is why there was no dedication of this version, maybe it would be less of a tribute and more of a you are excruciatingly dull sort of commentary. I have one task tomorrow, and that is to not have a baby. Any other day is absolutely fine, but tomorrow would be a bit of a logistical nightmare.

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