Day 286: I’ll have a side of tantrum with that crying fit, please

October 13, 2007

This morning was the longest in the history of our childrearing years. A had meltdown after meltdown, perhaps due to changes in the earth’s climate or atmospheric pressure, who knows? But this evening we attended a friend’s second birthday and she was immaculately behaved, so all was good. We left early so that I could come home and take it easy, and thus hopefully achieve my dream that today remains childbirth-free.

This evening L whipped up For Almodovar: Spicy Spanish Raisin and Olive Chicken, Olé! which is the third variation on the chicken with cherries dish dedicated to Neil Diamond. This one is certainly the most interesting of the three, and is the one most likely to stand up as a dish on its own. With the addition of chorizo and olives, with plenty of paprika and sherry, this dish is more of a light casserole, and less of a chicken in runny sauce. It is only a little spicy, although the chorizo we found is pretty mild. You could probably step the spice level up a bit to make it qualify as “Spicy”.

Tomorrow we will be making Grilled Skirt Steak and Orzo with the Works. Surely one of these days I’ll be having hospital food, I mean you can’t stay pregnant forever.

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