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Day 29: Why have only one enormous burger, when you can have two?

January 29, 2007

Meal 29, Beef and Chicken Fajita Burgers with Seared Peppers and Onions [recipe] resulted in a mountain of food. Two inch-thick burgers, one beef and one chicken, were topped with fried vegetables and served in buns, with a side of refried beans. This forces the “compare and contrast the following burgers” question, and the beef burger wins every time. It would be nice to be able to use the old essay-summary cop-out that they are both worthy, just different, but unfortunately that wasn’t really the case. The chicken burger was blander, drier and less succulent than its beef counterpart. It tasted like a low-fat alternative, which in itself would have been ok, but next to the beef burger it seemed like a second rate substitution.

The beef burger was good, as were the peppers and onions seared then mixed with tomatillo salsa. Refried beans taste marginally better than they look fortunately, but we have a huge amount left over for Baby A to get through (she gets all the highlights). We took the photograph, then divided the meal into two. We had half each of two burgers, and will have the rest for lunch tomorrow.

This meal led to a long discussion of our classification system. We are feeling the need for a 3 1/2 stars category. The truly awful meals get 1 star, the truly outstanding get 5 stars, and the rest somewhere in between. This is better than average (3 stars) but is it a good, solid 4 stars? Tricky decision. It was better than anticipated, but again we felt the gimmick factor of the two burgers detracted from what was a reasonable straightforward meal. Let’s give it a 3 and review again in a couple of days.

Today I stocked up on meat at Costco, then brought the enormous box full of animal produce home to divide into individual servings. We must have enough ground beef, chicken breasts, and sausages to get us through the next few months of Rachael Ray. There’s enough for a family of six to eat for a year with a normal rotation of meat meals. I had to clear out the fridge and freezer to make room. What should I find languishing in the back of the fridge but our trusty old jar of pesto? And it was full of mold. Neglected, that’s what the pesto has been. Poor thing.

Tomorrow, we have chicken burgers topped with prawns and chorizo sausage. The three meat medley is packaged under the name, Paella Burgers and Spanish Fries with Pimiento Mayonnaise. We’ll let you know.

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  • Reply Amy August 28, 2007 at 1:35 pm

    I found your site from Everything Rachael Ray. My husband hated both of these burgers, although I did buy a lean, lean ground beef for the beef burgers and maybe, maybe undercooked them, so it was stringy and quite dense (thus I’m thinking the low-fat beef caused the problem).

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