Day 300: 300 days

October 27, 2007

Where did the year go? Seriously, 5 minutes ago we were celebrating the new year through the medium of Scramblewiches. And this evening we heralded the final stretch of the year with Turkey and Sage Rolls with Cranberry Dipping Sauce. The process is almost identical to the chicken rolls we made yesterday, with the turkey and sage filling taking center stage. Although a laborious process, at least this part of the meal made sense. The dipping sauce threw us both for a loop. A dollop of tinned cranberry sauce (lots of lovely high fructose corn syrup disguised as a fruit product) is mixed with three times the amount of mayonnaise, and some lime juice. Cranberry sauce and mayonnaise is a particularly weird combination. To me it smelled of fruity tuna salad. We were both a little repulsed by the mayonnaise- sour cream or yogurt would be a less peculiar choice. The rolls would have been better with a good tangy cranberry sauce, one with a little bite to it, and a bucket-load less sugar product. If you want to make this meal and don’t have the ingredients on hand to make the dipping sauce, you could always add some vinegar and egg to a carton of strawberry yogurt.

Overall, this meal had the stodginess and flavours of a seasonal winter meal, but it left us both feeling a little cheated. Like yesterday, this was ridiculously hefty-tasting meal, but ultimately it failed to excite in any way. Tomorrow we make Lamb and Feta Rolls with Cucumber-Mint-Yogurt Dipping Sauce, which sounds much more appealing.

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