Day 301: Too much trouble

October 28, 2007

This evening after a last minute grocery-store revisit, we set about making Lamb and Feta Rolls with Cucumber- Mint- Yogurt Dipping Sauce. We had quite high hopes for this combination of flavours, being lamb fans, but alas we were less than impressed with the final result. The process was very similar to that of the last two days- a huge chunk of meat and cheese and chili spice (in this case lamb, feta and jalapeño) is wrapped inside layers of phyllo pastry/ butter/ salt and pepper. The giant roll is oven baked until firm to the touch.

The dipping sauce is a variation on tzatziki; plain yogurt, grated cucumber and onion, chopped garlic and mint are mixed together to make a pistachio coloured dip. The dip was very pleasant; the lamb rolls not so much. Unfortunately the slab of meat proved to be too dense and overpowering. The higher fat content in the meat meant that all but the very top layer of the very top of the pastry was wet and slimy- not such a good turnout. The overall impression that this meal left is one of greasiness, which was not anticipated. I have to say that neither of us ate more than a taste of the roll, although we did both have plenty of the dip with lettuce. I’m not sure what exactly should be used to dilute the extreme meatiness of these rolls, but certainly some vegetable matter would help, as would reducing the size and girth. Tomorrow we make Wingless Buffalo Chicken Rolls with Blue Cheese Dip which we are hoping beyond hope may be pleasantly surprising.

Today was another action-packed, fun-filled Sunday. We kicked it off by going to Ikea to complain that one of our countertops is starting to split. The oak butcherblock has split along one of the glue lines by about 4 inches. Every day the crack gets a little longer, and it has begun to follow the grain of the wood, rather than the glue line. Our contractor, one of the recommended Ikea kitchen installers, said that he’s never seen that happen before- but of course if it were going to happen, it would happen to us. He seems increasingly convinced that this house has some sort of jinx upon it.

This afternoon we visited with friends and a lovely time was had by all, until A stepped backwards, tripped over Baby N who was on the floor being changed, and sat on the baby’s head. Everyone is fine but the sibling screaming in stereo was less than pleasant, although admittedly utterly spectacular. Interestingly, both of our babies stopped crying when food was offered. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all. Tomorrow morning the fun continues when we take them both in for a joint doctor’s appointment, to check they are both eating and growing well. I have a feeling they are both doing just fine in that regard at least. As life starts to settle into some sort of normality (albeit a crazy sleep-deprived normality) as a family of four, we are finding that having two kids is sort of kicking our collective large ass. It is great, obviously, and A is starting to be really sweet and considerate towards her little sister, but we are suddenly that family. Yesterday I was that harried looking stressed out mum with a child on each hip, both crying. I never even knew that I could carry two kids at once. It really feels like we are a family (a dysfunctional one probably), as opposed to a couple with a kid. It really can be just a matter of getting through each minute, each hour and each day. I am not exactly eagerly awaiting L returning to work, shall we say. I have the utmost respect and awe for people who successfully do this parenting thing alone.

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