Day 305: In 2 months we’ll be eating pizza

November 1, 2007

This evening we cooked Springtime Bows with Asparagus, Ham, and Peas, which was a variation on the meal we made yesterday. It was super easy; garlic and shallots were sautéed in olive oil and joined by the asparagus, some pasta water, frozen peas and the cooked pasta were stirred into the mixture. The parmesan cheese and chopped prosciutto were mixed in, and the dish served and topped with chopped basil.

The prosciutto we bought was cut into great big slabs, rather than wafer thin slices. Once, when asking for prosciutto at the deli, I requested that it be thinly sliced. The “er, yeah, obviously” response I received made me feel extremely patronising. Since then, I have never mentioned the thickness of the slices. Yesterday we asked for 6 slices, and received a slab of cut ham- almost 3/4 lb in 6 slices. So this meal had some seriously hefty chunks of ham in it. This dish really could have done with some cream in it- the peas/ ham/ asparagus combination was pleasant enough but would have been even better in a creamy sauce. Aside from that, this was a good solid meal, if a little dull. Tomorrow we are having Incredible French Crunchy Salad, which I believe has radishes in it- that’s all I remember about it.

Today we got a brand new fridge freezer to replace our malfunctioning model. It is shiny and new, and the doors are level, which is a great improvement on our last installation. Other than that, there’s nothing much to report at this end. Another day, another great record of achievement. At least today I managed a nap and I cleaned the girls’ bedrooms. Maybe tomorrow I’ll put some laundry away. Pretty exciting times…

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  • Reply Joannie November 2, 2007 at 12:11 pm

    We had no computer for a week so I’ve had to catch-up reading here. It made me realize I’m going to miss you when you’re done with this project. You are very entertaining!

  • Reply Doctor D November 3, 2007 at 9:25 am

    I agree, I think we will all miss you guys. Maybe there can be a wean process, so you gently let the readers go. Do a once a week meal (not necessarily rachel ray), then once every other week, etc. In return, you could sent up a paypal for a Pizza delivery fund we could donate to! Brilliant, a subscription fee!

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project November 7, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    pizza, mmmm….

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