Day 306: Crunch time

November 2, 2007

This evening we made Incredible French Crunchy Salad, which was both crunchy and a salad. Incredible? Er no. French? Not in an obvious way, with the possible exception of the dressing. On a bed of mixed lettuce there was a layer of cooked cold rice. On top of that was a pile of chopped green apple, red pepper, radish and red onion. The dressing was made in a food processor, combining garlic, mustard, white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, olive oil and salt and pepper. The salad was topped with homemade croutons- lightly toasted sandwich bread spread with butter and cut into squares.

We ate dinner with Little A this evening, and in all honesty she was not the only one who mainly picked out the pieces of apple and left pretty much everything else. In its favour, this salad is colourful and crunchy. It has a good variety of textures and flavours- it’s just that we didn’t feel that the elements worked particularly well together. Radish and apple and onion and rice seemed a bit too eclectic in a salad. Also, because of the way the meal was layered, we both ate the top layer of cut up vegetables with the rice, and tended to forget about the bed of lettuce. This is definitely a spring or summer meal; on a dark November night we felt a bit cheated out of dinner. I may have to go and cook some of the brownies I have been craving all week…

A friend gave us a box of homemade cakes as a congratulations gift, remembering how much sugar she craved when she was nursing. It seems to have awoken the slumbering beast inside- I am dreaming about cake in all its beautiful forms. I have also started drooling over my favourite cookbook once more, which is always a bad sign for my waistline. I have to say I have been amazed by people’s generosity- we have been brought meals by our neighbours and given gifts a plenty. What has really struck me is how many people have also given presents to A, to congratulate her on being a big sister. The people who have taken the time to fuss over A before cooing over Baby N are priceless- A is feeling a little fragile, we’re guessing, and having the people who used to talk to her ignore her at first in favour of seeing the new baby looks like it’s hard. She’s doing great though. She can’t say N’s name and calls her Omi- watching her run around saying “Bye bye Omi” or “Mummy feed Omi again” is the sweetest sight.

Today I cleared out my wardrobe of all the maternity clothes I borrowed, and put my non-maternity clothes back in their place. Yesterday I looked like I had an enormous amount of clothes; today it looks like I have 4 old t-shirts and a couple of hoodies. And of the clothes in there, I can only fit into maybe 15% of them. I seem to have clothes from just after A was born, which are too big this time round, and then I have my normal size clothes which are all too small. I don’t understand how I have no clothes in the interim size at all. Well, I do know- when I finally decided to lose the baby weight, I joined Weight Watchers and lost my excess reasonably quickly. Well it wasn’t exactly fast, but it was quick enough that I didn’t bother buying any midstage clothes apparently. I think this weekend I may have to get something to wear. No doubt another hoodie and some old-looking t-shirts. Little A also needs clothes- she’s 3 feet tall and no longer fits in any of her size 2 clothes. Baby N, I would like to get her some clothes, but that’s just because they, and she, are so cute and small. It’s not like she really needs anything.

Also this weekend, we have to come up with a definitive plan regarding daycare and work. We have been burying our heads in the sand on this issue for a while- it’s time to make some decisions. The real problem is two-fold. Primarily, L and I work collaboratively at least one day a week, and without any childcare, we are limited to A’s erratic naptime, or nothing. Nothing really can’t be an option, and we can’t leave the kids to go to the studio. The other issue is that I am trying to get a new business off the ground. My current employment is on an adjunct basis- the classes I teach are erratic in that different classes are scheduled each semester, and if not enough people sign up, then classes are simply cancelled. So I am trying to start something more predictable on my own terms. The problem is I just don’t know how people can find the time to do that if they are home with a couple of kids, or more. I know people manage this, I know it’s not impossible, it’s just I can’t conceive of being anything other than exhausted. I don’t want the kids to be propped up in front of the TV all day, and I don’t really want to drink Red Bull all night; I think I would need some alone time each week to get some serious work done. If only our families weren’t so far away…

Anyway, at least tomorrow we are going to be eating something seasonally appropriate; Triple-Onion Soup with Triple-Cheese Toast. It sounds really good, I’d even go so far as to say that I am really looking forward to it. Unlike the big life-decisions-discussion.

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