Day 309: Spot the taco virgins

November 5, 2007

This evening we lost our taco-making virginity. We could have done with an illustration or a diagram of what is supposed to go where- sometimes it’s hard to follow written directions when doing a physical activity. We didn’t realise until too late that all the toppings were supposed to go in the shells on top of the meat. We didn’t leave any room so the toppings became a bizarre bargain-basement sort of side salad.

Anyway, recounting directions for making Turkey Tacos is probably highly unnecessary, but here goes. The ground turkey is browned with salt, pepper and poultry seasoning. It is joined by garlic, onion and, interestingly, chopped golden raisins (to keep the meat moist) chili powder and ground cumin. Beer/ stock is added, as is some tinned tomato sauce, and the whole shebang simmers for a while. Meanwhile, the taco shells are warmed in the oven, then the meat is spooned into the shells (not as easy as it sounds), topped with grated cheese and returned to the oven for the cheese to melt. We fabricated a taco stand with two ramekin dishes and a cookie sheet, in an attempt to keep the shells upright. Not so successful, but it sort of did the trick. The shells were to be topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pimiento-stuffed olives and salsa.

This meal was reasonable; for quick and easy it fits the bill. Exciting it is not. The raisins were a nice touch however. Their sweetness was very subtle but nicely offset the mild spiciness of the dinner. We’ve never made tacos at home before, and probably wouldn’t bother again, but the meal was certainly filling and reasonably satisfying.

I have many fascinating tales to tell of our exploits today. Some loads of laundry done. A trip to Target. Some phone calls. But alas, you will have to imagine the incredible excitement as we have a fussy baby in the house. Fussy but cute, fortunately. So, until tomorrow and the Mexican Pasta with Tomatillo Sauce and Meatballs, I bid you goodnight.

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