Day 315: Some think they are wicked, but this is due to their strangeness.

November 11, 2007

As I child I loved the Moomin books, I mean I really, really loved the Moomin books. So it was with some distaste this evening that I realised that we were to cook, and perchance to eat, the Hattifatteners. If you are unacquainted with the Hattifatteners, the marvelous Wikipedia tells us:

The Hattifatteners are tall, thin, ghost-like creatures, resembling long white socks. They have round neckless heads with two round eyes. Below their heads on either side are five finger-like projections. They are silent and serious, having neither the ability to talk nor to hear, but in contrast, their sense of feeling is extremely accurate, and they can sense even the most minor tremblings of the ground. They also seem to be melancholic characters. However despite physiologically resembling animals, Hattifatteners grow from seeds. Planting Hattifattener seeds where someone has taken up residence is an effective way to get rid of him/her.

Never having cooked white asparagus before, I had not previously made the connection. Still, in fairness, the Cream Risotto with White Asparagus and Andouille was not a great success, so very few Hattifatteners were harmed in the making of this dish. Making yet more risotto, this time we added cream, chives, the weird white veg and sausage. Why this recipe didn’t call for the usual green asparagus, I’ll never know. There is something very disconcerting about white food on top of white food. Anyway, the cream helped, as it usually does, but the rest of this meal was mediocre. And relatively pricey mediocrity is not a good thing. Think of all the chocolate we could have bought for the price of a bunch or organic white worms. Although as L said, roasted in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper, the asparagus would probably be pretty good. True, but steamed it was pretty awful.

Anyway, tomorrow we have Spinach and Hazelnut Risotto, the fifth and final risotto installment. Now that the end of the year is finally in sight, I am please to note that tomorrow will be the last night we’ll make risotto this year. After this run of meals, I am sorry to report that L has won the great risotto debate; we probably won’t make it ever again.

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