Day 316: Is it the future yet? I want a robot and a dinner vending machine

November 12, 2007

We haven’t mentioned our remodel for ages. After such activity, eventually things fizzle out a bit. Most things got resolved and some things still need to be done, but essentially we have a pretty nice house to live in. There are a few things that we really need to sort out- the cupboard in the hall just doesn’t hold our coats and shoes- we have a mountain of clothes and shoes and junk and strollers and carseats overwhelming us in the hallway. Every time we go in or out we talk abut how we should put up more hooks and such, but do we do it? Er no. One day. Maybe. The butcher block countertop from Ikea looks beautiful, but it is entirely unpractical. In this great Midwestern climate of ours, it goes from swelteringly hot and humid to extraordinarily dry and cold, almost overnight. The countertop has split in three different areas despite repeated oilings, and an attempt to glue and clamp the worst area failed miserably. So it looks like Ikea are going to have the countertop replaced as apparently no one has ever seen the countertop split like this. Obviously our house is not jinxed or anything. We are waiting to hear from customer service, but we may be getting a concrete countertop installed instead. It won’t look as nice but it will certainly be more practical; we went for looks + cost last time- the concrete would be much more expensive, and arguably not as pretty, but at least we won’t have to sand it down if it gets stained. It was hinted at today that Ikea would cover all costs in the replacement- we are keeping our fingers crossed. Other than that, we have mountains of junk around the house again- how long does it take to really move house I wonder? I mean when do things have a place and you just live where you are, without piles of stuff around that has to be dealt with? I want a robot. A cleaning, cooking, money earning, infant-feeding, toddler-soothing robot. That can’t be too much to ask for, right? When you find one that fits the bill, let me know. We’ll be on a beach somewhere, reading good books. Enjoying the silence but for the crashing of the waves.

In other news, today I did something really stupid while making Spinach and Hazelnut Risotto. We only have whole nuts rather than ready chopped ones, so I set about cracking the hazelnuts in the Christmas stylee. I managed to get my little finger caught in the nutcracker and have been swearing almost constantly ever since. Ouch. It really really hurt. I have a couple of fantastic blood blisters. Ow. I’d like to say that it was worth it, that dinner was fabulous, but alas I cannot. It was yet more risotto, this time mixed with spinach and topped with the toasted nuts, some Gorgonzola crumbles and parsley. L likes hazelnuts but hates the risotto. I am indifferent to the risotto but not keen on the toppings. Little A had dinner and a meltdown earlier in the day, but I’m guessing she wouldn’t have touched it. Overall, had we not had risotto for the previous four days we may have felt less jaded about the meal, but we would never have loved it. It’s fine, at least the spinach provided some colour, and the nuts some crunch. So it’s possibly the best of the risotto recipes, just not a hit over here. Tomorrow we will be having Zucchini Pizza, which on an ordinary day sounds ok-ish, but after so much rice I am really truly looking forward to it. Ok, fussy baby + grumpy parent means I am going now. We’ll be back tomorrow. Hopefully with some smiles.

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  • Reply Mary November 13, 2007 at 9:17 am

    I love reading your blog and “tune in” faithfully every day to see your results. But, it has been nagging at me for some time that you seem angry at this project a good deal of the time. Has it ever occurred to you to just quit? Or, did you ever think that the book was not meant to be made in the synchronized fashion that you have chosen? I more or less thought the object of the book was to illustrate that over a year’s time you could make 365 different meals by using different variations. Wouldn’t it have been easier on you if you made the items out of order so you wouldn’t be eating similar things three or four days in a row? Just a thought. Keep up the good work! I love your reviews!

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project November 14, 2007 at 10:25 pm

    We are stubborn, so we will finish, no matter how angry it makes me! No really, although this does annoy me sometimes- the endless variations- it is a task we set ourselves so it’s pointless anger. The book suggests in the introduction that you can work through from start to finish, and so we decided to do that very literally. Overall though, doing this project is actually very liberating (no more what’s for dinner discussions) but there are many days I feel like quitting… but we’re nearly done. Never give up, never surrender!

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