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Day 319: Fantastic Mr Food

November 15, 2007

This evening we had Pancetta-Wrapped Shrimp Supper Salad, which was undoubtedly the best meal that we have had for ages. Like a good restaurant meal, this was the perfect balance of taste, texture and sophistication. The jumbo shrimp were seasoned, a sage leaf was placed down the back of the shrimp, the pancetta was wrapped around like a stripper stripe on a (barber) pole, and the little morsels were pan fried in olive oil. The salad was very similar to what we had yesterday, except that the balsamic vinegar was replaced by lemon juice. So we made greens, tomatoes and artichoke hearts tossed in a mustard-oil-lemon juice-shallot dressing. Bread, olives and caper berries were served on the side.

The shrimp were plump and firm, perfectly cooked with an extra level of delicious saltiness provided by the pancetta. The combination was much better than bacon-wrapped shrimp; less fatty and a richer flavour. The salad was excellent again, and the side dishes rounded the meal out perfectly. Five out of five on our star rating system. Yummo. How nice to be as satisfied with a meal as anticipated by the title. Winner!

Tomorrow we will be having Lamb and Scallion Burgers with Fried Asparagus. It sounds pretty good, let’s hope it’s another excellent dinner. Tomorrow is the last day of L’s paternity leave. We should do something monumental, or at least clean the house. Who am I trying to kid- cleaning the house would be about as monumental as things could be. We will probably be getting a visit from a heating repair person- they were supposed to come at 2pm today, and we’ve been waiting since then. Apparently he may still come this evening, but it is almost 9pm- I can’t imagine that he would be overly keen to stay long enough to work out the problem if he decided to turn up, which seems unlikely. We are having issues with the heat and the thermostat. These problems are manifesting themselves in freezing bedrooms and sometimes freezing everything. The minivan is back though, the dealership have had it for the last few days repairing the dings and scratches on the doors. Now it looks like a brand new vehicle. Oh the dream, it is indeed awesome.

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  • Reply Alto2 November 16, 2007 at 10:56 am

    Greetings from a NaBloPoMo blogger. I’m posting a comment on someone else’s blog daily this month, just to get out and “meet” new people. I started at the end of the alphabet and am working my way backwards. You’re my “O” — no not the pornographic Story of O. 🙂

    Your One Year Project sounds a lot like Julie Powell’s adventures cooking Julia Child recipes. Who knows, maybe your RR culinary adventure will net you a book deal, too. At the very least, you should contact her producers to let them know about your project. Stop by The Zone sometime and say hi.

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