Day 32: February begins with a bang

February 1, 2007

Version 2 of the stale bread soup, Ribollita con Verdure [recipe] , was a great improvement on the master recipe of yesterday. The extra vegetables- kale, carrots and courgettes- in addition to the pancetta and red wine made this a really tasty meal. The different textures and colours cut into the sheer overpowering tomato-ness of yesterday’s version. With plenty of extra stale bread, this turned out thick and hearty like a great stew.

As far as standby recipes go, this is a winner. We almost always have half a loaf of stale bread lying around, with some assorted vegetables. This is quick, easy, and remarkably good. Perfect for tonight when an Arctic weather front is about to hit Minnesota. Tomorrow, we are going to make 3 Beans and Some Chicken. Let’s hope it’s more interesting, taste-wise, than it sounds.

We recently found out that we have a couple of sets of visitors coming over from Europe to stay with us this year. Do you think it would be weird to tell them what they’ll be eating every night of their stay?

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