Day 320: One month

November 16, 2007

This evening L made Lamb and Scallion Burgers with Fried Asparagus while I attended to a rather fussy Baby N. Now L is attending to N while I type; he is trying to do the put the sleepy baby down maneuver, without her waking up to resume her scream fest. It is hard to believe that our little baby is one month old today, where does the time go? On the one hand it feels like she’s always been part of our little family, and on the other hand it seems like seconds ago that I was sitting here blogging with contractions 4 minutes apart. We are really lucky to have such an easy little girl (fingers crossed, touch wood), but like the rest of us she is full of cold and somewhat out of sorts. (For a second there it looked like the move was successful, but the baby just woke up again, and so L is once more doing the jiggle up and down slightly with the grumpy baby dance. Hopefully she’ll settle down again soon…)

Anyway, dinner this evening was very good indeed, perhaps not as great as the pancetta shrimp yesterday, but still very tasty. The lamb and scallion burgers also featured thyme, garlic, lemon zest, salt and pepper and olive oil. Served with Dijon, greens and crusty bread this was about as classy as burgers get. The asparagus recipe called for the thick woody spears- for once all we could find was the extremely thin spindly spears. The thicker spears were supposed to be cut in half and then sliced lengthwise. As ours were so spindly, L did not cut them. The spears were dredged in flour, fried in olive oil, then seasoned with salt.

The lamb burgers tasted strongly of the unmistakable rich grassy taste of lamb, with a pungent sharp note of lemon and scallions underlining the meatiness. Very tasty, I am in fact contemplating going to eat the remaining burger sitting in the pan. But that would be greedy. And I should save some room for cake or something nice. The asparagus was crispy and salty and good- no complaints here.

So as L’s paternity leave drew to a close this afternoon, we made a trip to Ikea to see if we could resolve our countertop issue- amazingly Ikea are going to cover the costs of the installation of a new concrete counter, we just need to arrange for the removal of the existing counters. In other fascinating house-update news, the heating guy was all set to come round at 9.30pm last night, but we postponed until this afternoon. He spent an enormously long time bleeding the air out of the radiators, some of which have evidently not been bled in many many years. Suddenly the whole house was very very hot, for the first time since August.

Ok, sad baby beckons, so I will sign off on this fascinating insight into our crazy rock and roll lifestyle. Tomorrow we will be making Sweet Sea Scallops in a Caper-Raisin Sauce.

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