Day 326: Silence is golden

November 22, 2007

I just spent the last hour trying to create a soothing evening routine for Baby N in an attempt to preempt the night time cry-fest. Alas, it seems it didn’t work tremendously well as she’s crying anyway, although quite quietly for now. It’s difficult to remember if we went through this with Little A when she was wee. The general consensus is that we had some major troubles getting her to learn to go to sleep on her own between about three and five months, but when she was this small she’d just fall asleep wherever she lay. You know since I wrote this paragraph (I am a slow typer) it has been very quiet up there, perhaps L is working some sort of miracle. Or the swing has become our saviour. We bought the swing when Little A was maybe three months old, so that she’d be entertained while we worked in the studio. It so much didn’t work, she was anything but entertained. As our precious first born we never even thought about putting her in a swing during the normal course of a day. Baby N should make peace with the swing now, it’ll save everyone a lot of upheaval in the long run.

We had a very quiet Thanksgiving, with not a turkey or celebration in sight. Little A has a whole host of new winter clothing that we had to wrestle her into this morning- gloves, snow pants, boots, jacket, hat- it took a while but she was certainly a vision in pink. After many attempts to replace her hat from last year, which is tiny, and find an intermediate hat before her noggin is big enough to fit the age 4-5 year model that we mysteriously bought last year, we were finally successful. She vetoed every hat that we saw when we were looking, but L and I hit gold with a Target hat. The hat is in fact so popular that it now joins Daddy Lion (plastic lion figure) and “creamy” (trial size bottle of baby lotion) in sharing the place of honour on A’s pillow when she goes to sleep. Kids are weird. Anyway, we braved the cold and the snow to take the girls to the zoo, where we did our usual tour of Daddy Lion and Mummy Lion and the ostrich and the zebra and the giraffe and so on. Little A was mostly concerned with looking for mice in the monkey enclosures. Baby N slept through the entire outing. Pretty exciting stuff. This afternoon we mainly battled with the thermostat on our heating system; why must the heating work perfectly when it’s not even a little cool outside, yet go entirely on the blink as soon as it gets cold? And why does toast always land butter side down? And is there a proper reason why my glass is always half empty, when other people’s glasses are half full?

This evening we made Simple and Delicious Chicken with Potatoes and Asparagus, which was certainly simple, and if not categorically delicious, it was at least pretty tasty and good. It was very similar to the meal we had yesterday, minus the cream, bread and cheese, and with the addition of potatoes. The chicken was browned and removed from the pan. The potatoes were sliced and fried with onions added. The stock, wine and mustard went in the pan with the asparagus and everything was served in a bowl. Seasonings were provided by salt, pepper and thyme. We felt that between this meal and the version yesterday, we could have had an almost perfect dinner. Had the potatoes been added to the creamy version, and the toast/ cheese element dropped, it would have been a perfect meal. And the following day you could have leftovers on toast with cheese on top, and you’d have two good meals for the price of one. The meal today was certainly tasty, but without the cream it was not as rich, satisfying or decadent-tasting. This meal was good but not excellent. We may well make it again, but we’d probably add a splash of half and half.

Tomorrow we will be making Mushroom Bisque and trying to entertain ourselves for the day without going anywhere near a shopping emporium. For five of the six years that we’ve lived here, we have inexplicably found ourselves at the Mall on Black Friday, without having any clue as to what is going on or why we can’t find a parking space. We will not be making that mistake this year, despite the lure of the robot on sale.

PS I big pink puffy heart the swing. I mean I lurve the swing.

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