Day 329: Close my eyes and drift away

November 25, 2007

This evening we made Ham and Spinach Hash with Fried Eggs [recipe] which was another meal which can be eaten for B,L or D- breakfast, lunch or dinner. We were sceptical, I have to admit, but this one was a good one. The potato, spinach, red onion and ham hash also featured red pepper flakes, thyme, basil and a lot of salt and pepper. It was topped with parmigiano cheese, chopped tomatoes and a fried egg. As we have said so very many times this year, we are no egg lovers, so an egg meal is never a cause for celebration. L had a plate of the hash, I tried it with the egg. In an attempt to push my boundaries and see if I really still hate fried egg as an adult, after years of believing this to be true, I ate some fried egg, including the yolk this time. The belief persists, it was based in reality; I really don’t like fried egg. That aside, this is a good meal. The hash is sturdy and tasty and well balanced, although we did end up using a lot of salt and pepper to taste. That may have been necessary because I added only a very small amount of the red pepper flakes, in a concession to nursing. Tomorrow we will be eating French Onion Sliced Steak Croissant Sandwich, provided the croissants don’t get eaten before then.

There’s nothing overly interesting to report here, the day was very pleasant and highly uneventful. We went to the zoo for a change (highlight: a small fish stuck inside a shell) and this afternoon we returned something to Ikea and ended up spending way more than anticipated. But we now have a feather duster and miniature dustpan and brush so we can finally put Little A to work cleaning the house. Let’s hope she learns fast because my mother arrives in two days and the house is a dump. Tomorrow I am taking the girls out to visit a friend, then we have to see if it is possible for Little A to take a nap with workmen upstairs banging and crashing, I’m thinking not, but we will certainly give it a try. If not, who knows? So far I can only mentally plan far enough ahead to hope that the three of us will be dressed before the workmen arrive. Baby steps, indeed.

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