Day 33: Some chicken and beans

February 2, 2007


Tonight we cooked 3 Beans and Some Chicken, which was a much fancier and more sophisticated meal than the title suggests. The method for cooking the bean dish, with pancetta, onions, chicken stock and wine, was great. We didn’t have the exact beans called for so we substituted baby chick peas for cannelloni beans, but the combination worked extremely well. The chicken was marinated briefly in lemon, olive oil and thyme, and it turned out succulent, moist and tasty. Overall, this meal was a definite success, and not one that we would have chosen to cook in normal circumstances. I would go so far as to say this would be a meal which we might start to serve quite regularly, next year, obviously.

Today was quite hard work, so apologies for the brief entry. I’m too tired to think, so should just go to bed. We are going out tomorrow night, wowser, so we need to cook the Rachael Ray meal during the day. Sweet Sausages Braised in Onions with Horseradish Smashed Potatoes sounds like a reasonably good, if hefty, lunch. Sounds more interesting than the usual cheese sandwich.

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