Day 335: 6 more chicken (3 more fish, 5 more pork, 4 more sausage, 3 more steak, 3 more turkey plus 7 other) meals to go

December 1, 2007

On the first day of the last month of the year we made Chicken Topped with Caponata and Mozzarella which seemed pretty chopping-intensive. At least it was a chop and drop recipe, so we could cook as we went along, if that makes sense. The garlic, red pepper flakes, onion, cubanelle pepper, celery were fried, then golden raisins, capers and green and black olives were added to the pan. The salted eggplant and a tin of tomato sauce went in and the mixture was stirred, covered and left to simmer and soften for 15 minutes. Meanwhile the chicken was seasoned with salt and pepper and sautéed. Once cooked, the chicken was chopped into chunks then placed in a shallow dish. The caponata was spooned onto the chicken and topped with mozzarella cheese. The recipe called for 2-3 cups of cheese, which would be an enormous amount. We used what we had, which was nearer 2/3 cup, and the meal was still sufficiently cheesy.

I thought that the cubanelle pepper was supposed to be sweet, at least that is what the internet told me. Between the pepper and the red pepper flakes we had a pretty damn spicy meal on our hands. Maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere- don’t believe everything you read. Or I should start using measuring spoons again. Or I bought the wrong pepper, one or the other. Anyway, it was cheesy and spicy and reasonably tasty; comfort food for a snowed-in evening. The raisins provided an unexpected hit of tangy sweetness in the spice. L’s opinion, which I have to agree with, is that this meal is thrown together with a lack of coherence. It’s not bad, it’s just not particularly exciting. The spice stood alone, it could have done with a richness to back up the sheer spiciness. Unfortunately it overpowered the capers, olives, and pretty much everything else. The dish was served with bread, a salad would have been a good addition. Still, melted cheese is always good.

My task for the rest of the evening, provided the baby stays asleep (the very same baby who slept for 6 hours in a row last night, oh she is awesome and she does rock) is to upload some photos to be printed. Our home printer is highly temperamental and I have been meaning to print out some photos of Little A since March, when she started at daycare. In the cloakroom everyone has a space for photos of the family, and we were supposed to take in a handful when she first started. The night before her first day I stayed up late fiddling with the printer but each image was purple and stripey. I bought a new cartridge the next day, then the photos were just stripey. And now, 9 months later, Little A finally has a photo on the board. Sometimes 2 times a day, up to 5 days a week when faced with the looming empty board, we have been reminded that we were those parents, the only ones who couldn’t get it together enough to bring in some photos. And so one of the girls at daycare took a photo of Little A and put it up on the board. Which, you know, is bad enough. And then she told L that we should bring in Baby N so that they could photograph A’s sister to put on the board too. Ok enough, we are bad parents, we get it. There will be photos on that board provided by us within the week, even if we have to take her out of daycare before the year is through. Enough chat, I have some Photoshopping to do. And if you’re interested, tomorrow we will be having Sweet Lemon Salmon with Mini Carrots and Dill. We may be braving one ginormous snow storm to get the ingredients, but eat it we shall.

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