Day 338: The Road To Dullsville

December 4, 2007

After a pretty uneventful and extremely snowy day, this evening we made Thai-Style Steak Salad, which was a fantastic success. Our neighbour who was going to bring round dinner postponed because she was stuck in the snow somewhere. That meant that we didn’t have to explain why we were cooking anyway, which was no bad thing.

Anyway, to try and condense this post, the dinner consisted of flank steak marinated in garlic, ginger, tamari, hot sauce and oil, then grilled, rested and sliced. The salad included cucumber, radishes, red pepper, spinach, shredded carrots, cilantro and basil. It was dressed in rice vinegar, sugar, ginger and oil, and tossed with toasted sweetened shredded coconut and chopped roasted peanuts. We were supposed to use red onion but we had run out so we substituted scallions for a bit of mild onion flavour.

The salad looked fantastic and was extremely tasty, light, crisp and fresh. To our minds, this did seem to be very Thai-like food. The steak was beautifully cooked, with a great marinade. Each mouthful of the dinner yielded a good crunch with plenty of variety. The true test of these meals is whether or not you pick out the bits you don’t normally like- in my case the radishes and the coconut. Both were absorbed well into the general scheme of the meal; everything was very coherent. All in all, this was a very successful dinner, one which we’ll certainly make again. Winner. Tomorrow we add rice noodles and substitute pork for the beef to make Thai-Style Pork and Noodle Salad. I am looking forward to that, I just wish I’d realised we need double the amounts of all ingredients when we went shopping so that we wouldn’t have to do a grocery run yet again tomorrow. Och well, what can you do?

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