Day 339: Slowly losing it

December 5, 2007

Last night In the early hours of this morning Baby N finally fell asleep at 12.30am. She woke at 1.30am, and I went into her room to feed her. I woke up freezing in the chair in her room at 3.30am and put her in the cot and went to bed. At 5am she woke again and I went in to feed her, L came to say goodbye at 6.15am. At 6.30am I went back to bed, and half an hour later Little A started shouting. Fun times. Today was mainly very, very long, and I was mainly very grumpy. I tried to get my mum to talk about the things that have never been talked about, to no avail; they will not be talked about. I did get my hair coloured, which is a great relief. I no longer have a strip of grey down the center of my head, meaning that I no longer have to wear a hat at all times. I am going back in the morning for a haircut, which I am very excited about. I told my stylist (can you call someone you see maybe three times a year “your stylist”?) that we now have a minivan, so he has to compensate for my loss of cool with a fabulous haircut. He has quite some responsibility there; I obviously never was cool if I use terms like “loss of cool’. I don’t even know what the cool people call cool anymore. Anyway, I split my appointment in case Baby N was fussy. My mum sat with her today, and obviously she didn’t make a sound. Maybe tomorrow when it’s just the two of us she’ll compensate with some lung action. I last had a haircut in August; it’s bonkers that last time I was there the sun was blazing down, we were still living in chaos and I was rather pregnant. Today sitting staring wild-eyed at the piles of snow, desperately trying not to fall asleep (public displays of drooling and snoring= not good) I asked my stylist what he’d been up to since August. “Oh nothing much”, he replied. I felt a hundred years old.

Other things of note today- driving to the other side of town to pick up license plates for the ‘van, only to be told that they’d been mailed to me this morning. Our neighbours very kindly brought over dinner, and the snow on their boots stopped them from coming into the kitchen and discovering that we were cooking anyway. Little A absolutely devoured the jelly with fruit inside; it was probably the most exciting thing to happen to her for weeks.

Tonight we made Thai-Style Pork and Noodle Salad which was the same meal as we had last night, but with pork rather than steak and the addition of rice noodles. We were looking forward to dinner, as the master recipe yesterday was so great. Unfortunately, this version was very disappointing. We ended up with far too much food; by adding a pack of noodles to the salad, without reducing the volume of any other ingredients, we had a severe overflow situation. We had two big mixing bowls full of food. Insane. The amount of salad dressing did not change, so the noodles tasted only of themselves. The pork did not pick up the flavours of the marinade at all- so the tamari and hot sauce were imperceptible. The end result was not good; clumps of bland noodles, interspersed with the odd bit of salad and meat. Both the richness and the subtleties were lost; the salad dressing disappeared and the coconut and peanuts were completely overshadowed. Not so fine, alas. Tomorrow we will be having Gnocchi with Sausage and Swiss Chard which sounds good overall, with the possible exceptions of the sausage and Swiss chard. OK, I have to go- I am so tired I almost feel sick.

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