Day 34: Sausagetastic

February 3, 2007

At lunchtime today we remembered just in the nick of time that we had to cook Sweet Sausages Braised in Onions with Horseradish Smashed Potatoes, rather than cheese toasties. A friend came over to visit so he was treated to an impromptu hearty lunch on this way-below-freezing day. The recipe seemed a little labour intensive for the middle of the day, but probably wouldn’t have seemed so in the evening. We were sceptical of the use of sweet sausages, as bangers and mash relies purely on savoury sausage for its greatness, but we were pretty much converted. The sausages are ultimately braised with the onions in balsamic vinegar, honey and chicken stock. This reduced down to be a great sweet and savoury sauce. I would be tempted to do all sausages this way in the future. The smashed potatoes used “prepared horseradish” which is different to the horseradish sauce that I’d assumed was called for. Amazingly, we had some of the prepared stuff- which seemed like grated root in water. I’d assumed that was a mistaken purchase, but L assured me that it was an intentional addition to his horseradish arsenal. It was a subtle addition to the potatoes, it didn’t ruin them at all, despite my dubious preconceptions.

Our friend was surprised by the high meat to vegetarian ratio of the cookbook that we are following. In the first 34 meals, we have had 6 veggie recipes and one shrimp on top of a burger. He questioned whether Rachael Ray is sponsored by the American meat industry. It was an interesting point. Tomorrow we are having Sautéed Sweet Chicken Breasts with a Spicy Fresh Tomato Chutney and White Rice, the first of five chicken dishes in the upcoming week.

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