Day 344: Let’s go round again

December 10, 2007

This evening’s meal, Sweet and Savory Polenta “Lasagne” [recipe, via Oprah], had the addition of golden raisins and pinenuts to yesterday’s master recipe. What can I say? It was a little more crunchy and had some raisins in, which were indeed sweet. So yes, the polenta “lasagne” was both sweet and savoury. Yet still vile, unfortunately. This is definitely an instance where I have to disagree that a couple of ingredients make all the difference to the master recipe. The ricotta mixture was still clammy, the polenta still grainy and repulsive, the overall effect still disastrously far removed from lasagne. Highly unimpressed.

Out of respect for my sister in law who we haven’t seen for two years, and who is visiting for only 36 hours, we tasted this and then ordered pizza. This food is truly awful I am afraid. Tomorrow we make it all again, but this time with tapenade added to the ricotta mixture to make Sausage, Mushroom, and Olive Polenta “Lasagne”. At least we have leftover pizza, just on the off chance that the tapenade doesn’t make the dish fabulous.

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