Day 355: The best laid plans

December 21, 2007

Today we had mountains of stuff to do before picking up our friends from the airport around 6pm. At 9.30am it seemed like we had so much time left that we would be sitting around a spotless house drinking tea before leisurely driving to the airport, all showered and sweet-smelling. I don’t know what happened to the day but this afternoon we had two screaming inconsolable children and a lot of stuff which just got shoved into cupboards. The baby did not sleep for more than 5 minutes in a row all day. Every single time she fell asleep I’d carefully put her down and she seemed fine, then 5 minutes later she was screaming. It seems that she has been doing that ever since she got her injections but that’s almost a week ago.

Anyway, it’s great to see our friends, and their little girl seems like an absolute charmer. Little A was in bed by the time we got back from the airport, so we’ve yet to see them interact. I think there’ll be a lot of “that’s mine” from our wee one. I am trying to speed type as Baby N finally crashed out on the way to the airport so she must be about to wake up any time now. Hopefully we’ll have another couple of 5 hour stretches of sleep tonight, in my dreams at least.

This evening I made Spinach and Spicy Ham Pasta Bake which had a tremendous amount of cheese and oil products. But, it was a success with the weary travellers and ourselves. The onions are fried in olive oil and butter, the flour is sprinkled on top, the milk whisked in and everything is seasoned with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and nutmeg. Drained, cooked frozen spinach, spicy ham and Parmigiano cheese was added, followed by mozzarella and the pasta. Everything was mixed together, put in an oven proof dish, topped with Parmigiano cheese, olive oil and breadcrumbs, and browned under the broiler.

This meal was substantial and comforting. The creamy sauce worked well with the breadcrumb topping. It looked reasonably healthy, by virtue of the spinach, but it contained an enormous amount of cheese. Still, it tasted good so who’s complaining? Tomorrow we will be having Honey Chicken over Snow Pea Rice, which sounds pretty tasty. I am so much hoping for some sleep tonight. I think you can run for a while on pure adrenaline, but the crash has to come somewhere. If we could only get baby N to take a nap when Little A is asleep, then I could sleep and we could keep the crazy at bay for a while longer.

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