Day 360: Let’s hear it for the boys

December 26, 2007

Today Little A was feeling so sorry for herself that practically the only words she uttered were “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, my Daddy”. For a whole day. We went to visit friends for Boxing Day mince pies and trifle, and A was a clingy mess. The Daddy Chorus was not the best addition to the festivities by any means. I have to confess that I didn’t feel even a teeny little bit rejected by her utter father favouritism, it was actually a relief not to be on the receiving end of such clinginess. When I was pregnant, the Daddy obsession hurt a little, but since Baby N’s birth, Little A always wants me to push her or carry her or whatever. Probably so that I can’t hold the baby at the same time, but she is getting very much more accepting of, and interested in, her little sister. Not compared to our toddler guest, however; she is utterly infatuated with babies and is always trying to touch or hold Baby N. Little A probably goes days at a time without touching her sister voluntarily. Which I’m actually discovering is a good thing- I don’t need to worry too much about accidental aggression with an overenthusiastic hug. There are other things to be concerned about however, like this neverending cough and cold that keeps her miserable and awake. Not so fine.

This evening we made Incredible French Endive Salad with Aged Herb Goat Cheese Toasts, and by popular demand we served it as an appetiser rather than a main meal, followed by pizza which is always good. The endives were rolled in a dressing of garlic, salt, lemon juice, parsley and olive oil, which had been prepared in the food processor. The endives were then put in a dish and browned a little under the grill, until tender. Meanwhile slices of goat cheese cut from a log were rolled in Herbes de Provence and warmed under the grill on slices of white toast.

The individual leaves of endive placed on top of the cheese on toast were a novel addition to the toast. They added a little interest and crunch, but incredible they were not. A plate full of them was simply too much, even when we had 5 endive heads between 4 people, rather than the 12 heads called for in the recipe. The vegetable is a very strange thing; it’s anaemic whiteness and shape make it look like something grown in a test tube underground. The internet tells me that it pretty much is grown that way. I wasn’t a big fan, by any means, but the others were reasonably happy with this meal. I must qualify that the satisfaction was dependent on the size of the portion- no one felt they would want to be served twice as much and call it dinner.

Tomorrow we enter the closing straight of the year with the first of five bread-based meals followed by the Christmas pasta. Tuna with Everything-but-the-Kitchen-Sink, Hold-the-Mayo, Stuffed Bread certainly sounds like a good candidate for lunch.

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