Day 362: These days

December 28, 2007

This evening we made Chopped Antipasto Stuffed Bread which is basically a fancy meat and cheese sandwich. Two Italian cheeses and two different types of salami were chopped into bite-size pieces and mixed with lettuce, pickles, olives, parsley, black pepper, lemon juice, olive oil and basil. The bread was warmed in the oven, split, one side was spread with pesto, the filling piled in, and the whole shebang assembled. This is a very good, tasty, spicy sandwich, although again a little more labour intensive than your usual fare. However, what I really liked about this recipe was that by chopping up the meat and cheese, and adding in plenty of greens, you make a much lighter-seeming meal. This is very much like a deli sandwich, but the assembly method makes it seem far less hefty and stodgy. The other thing, which seems so simple in retrospect, is putting the baguette in the oven while the filling is prepared. In just a few minutes at a very low heat, the bread is revitalised, becoming as fresh and crispy as intended.

Once again we failed to eat the sandwich for lunch, maybe we can manage that tomorrow for Quick Cassoulet Stuffed Bread Melts. Having two toddlers in the house with two different routines makes for an interesting day, every day. We always bring Little A home for a post-lunch nap, which on a good day can be up to 3 hours. I am trying to get Baby N to sleep at the same time. Today was so successful that I managed to go to bed for a nap myself for a whole 12 minutes. Generous to a fault are our children. Anyway, our toddler guest doesn’t nap at home but rather naps in her stroller while out and about. So every day we start off like a travelling circus in the minivan, then sometime after lunch we splinter into groups. Later on we reconvene in the ‘van, and the “My Daddy” “My Daddy”, “My Mummy” “My Mummy” chorus resumes its beautiful strains. On particularly fabulous trips Baby N contributes some vocals too. This morning Little A ran in front of someone at the Children’s Museum and I watched helplessly as she got kicked across the room into a waiting chair. It was an accident, the woman she collided with was holding two kids and couldn’t see her feet, but Little A ended up with a split lip. Between her eyebrow stiches, the mysterious cut on her nose, her bruised forehead and her bloody lip, she looks quite a sight. It also turns out that she has an ear infection, poor wee thing. Still, at least the ear tubes are working, if the gunk in her hair is anything to go by. But really, she is very beautiful, just maybe not today.

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