Day 37: Restaurant lunch

February 6, 2007


Due to work commitments tonight, we cooked Warm Lemon Chicken Sandwich with Arugula and Pears for lunch this afternoon, rather than for dinner. This was quick, easy and extremely tasty. We would place this in the category of “restaurant food”, meaning a dish you’d be happy to order, eat and pay for. The chicken was marinated in lemon and thyme, which imparted a delicate flavour. The salad of arugula (we used spinach as Target was out of arugula) and a sliced pear also had strips of prosciutto, and a good dijon, parmesan dressing. The whole meal was light and crisp, and reminiscent of spring. The crunch of the pear offset the chicken and toasted bun nicely. Overall, a winning meal that we’ll certainly cook again, and would cook for friends.

Tomorrow we try the revised version, Grilled Flank Steak Sandwich with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette-Dressed Arugula and Pears. I’ll try and find arugula somewhere tomorrow when I buy another pear.

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