Day 40: It’s not easy being green

February 9, 2007

This evening we really didn’t feel like eating chicken curry one little bit, however we ploughed ahead and cooked Mostly Green Curry Chicken over Coconut Jasmine Rice. I was surprised to see that there was no curry powder or paste involved, rather the dish was flavoured with jalapeño pepper, ginger and lime juice, with optional hot sauce to taste. The preparation involved quite a lot of chopping, but L is some kind of chopping nerd so he was quite happy. The assembly was pretty straightforward, with some frying and some simmering. The lack of decent TV programming meant that we were both attentive for the whole process and so nothing went wrong. And that was nice.

The meal was a grower. We were both initially sceptical, particularly of the coconut jasmine rice. It was extremely creamy and verged on being too sweet. It was a little too reminiscent of old school rice pudding. However, by the end of the meal, we were both quite happy with the rice. While still somewhat rich, it did provide a counterbalance to the curry. The curry itself was flavoursome and tangy, without being too overpowering. The spice level was perfect, with a bit of a bite. The peppers, peas and broccoli felt very healthy, and the chicken was good.

Today was a long day for us. Baby A had tubes/ grommets put in her ears this morning in an attempt to put an end to the constant ear infections that she has been suffering through for the last few months. The surgery was incredibly quick and they were super-efficient, but there is something extremely disconcerting about holding your baby while the anaesthetic takes effect. Fortunately, she recovered really well and her hearing seemed to improve immediately after the fluid was drained from her ears. For the first time ever, after months of “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” she said “Mummy” when we asked her to. It was the sweetest thing; it almost broke my heart. Anyway, I digress. I was going to say that after eating nothing since dinner the previous evening, she wolfed down the pasta from our meal last night. Despite her ravenous hunger, she picked off all the pieces of eggplant. Maybe dislike of certain vegetables is genetic.

Tomorrow, the curry rides again, this time with tofu. We’ll quite happily eat it again, we’ve been converted.

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