Day 46: Chicken roll

February 15, 2007


This evening we made Prosciutto, Garlic and Herb Cheese-Stuffed Chicken with Tarragon Pan Sauce which was a pretty decent quick and easy meal. Unfortunately we’re getting ridiculously sick of chicken so weren’t as enthusiastic as we could have been. The chicken was squished flat and topped with a slice of prosciutto and a smear of garlic and herb soft cheese. It was then rolled up, anchored with toothpicks, and pan fried in olive oil. The prosciutto, however, was completely superfluous as the chicken and cheese overpowered the delicate flavour entirely. A tarragon sauce was made with butter, flour and our old favourites, chicken stock and white wine. Served with a green salad, this was a good light meal.

Tomorrow, we are not having chicken, yay. We’ll be making Couple-of-Minute Steaks and Potato Ragout; we’re looking forward to it.

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