Day 53: The day we’ve been dreading

February 22, 2007


This afternoon, the egg-shy adults cooked Eggs-traordinary Stuffed Toasty Baskets with Lemony Greens for Baby A who is too little to share our extreme anti-egg prejudices. As I mentioned earlier, L is allergic to eggs and I just really, really don’t like them. I can eat them scrambled or in an omelette, but I cannot stomach poached or hard boiled eggs. Or, more specifically, the egg yolk prepared in such a fashion makes me queasy. This dish was thus never destined to be a great hit in this family, but perhaps if it was easy to make and Baby A enjoyed it, we could adopt it into our repertoire.

Let’s surmise by saying that’s never going to happen. To be honest, this meal is ridiculous. Rachael Ray says it is good for B, L or D,- breakfast, lunch or dinner. Only if you really aren’t hungry. As an enormous contrast to every meal we’ve made so far, this meal was comparatively tiny. One egg is oven baked inside a squashed slice of white bread stuffed in a muffin tin, topped with fried tomato, bacon, onion, garlic, red pepper flakes and cheese. This is just too labour-intensive for the end result. If the egg was poached and the skillet was used to fry up a mountain of bacon and tomatoes, that I could understand. Rather, the sorry little egg in a muffin cup was served with a dressed green salad.

I tried some of the dish, and it was just rubbish. Unless you were desperately trying to impress someone with your egg-cooking-prowess for a fancy brunch, this is just not worth it. Baby A started dinner by trying to throw her plate of food on the floor. After some coaxing, she could be persuaded to try some of the meal. In fairness she did eat a couple of mouthfuls, and seemed reasonably content. Then she had some egg yolk, gagged, and refused to eat any more. Perhaps the apple doesn’t fall so far from the tree after all.

Unfortunately, tomorrow we get to make it again, with chorizo instead of bacon, and topped with olives for Eggs-traordinary Spanish Style Stuffed Toasty Baskets with Lemony Greens. Maybe I can work on perfecting my stuffing a flattened slice of processed bread into a greased muffin tin skills. Who knows when this technique may come in handy? Think of all the things you could stuff inside a Toasty Basket. Chicken sausage, chopped chicken breasts, chicken thighs, chicken stuffing. The options are endless

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