Day 55: Here I stand, corrected

February 24, 2007

After a day of not looking forward to dinner one iota, we set about making the Halibut Soup. We each decided on a back-up meal that we planned to order from the local Thai restaurant, should the soup be horrendous. Even as we started cooking, we remained sceptical. When L realised that the halibut cost $19.99 per pound, he decided he’d have to eat it regardless of the taste, simply to justify the cost. I was not necessarily in agreement on this point, but then the food actually started to smell really tasty. I am delighted to say that this soup was a surprise hit; it looked good and tasted fresh, original and well-balanced.

The halibut was firm and succulent, infused with flavour and spice from the chorizo, lime and poblano pepper. The broth was flavoursome and strong, without being overpowering. The vegetables were varied, colourful and appealing. We bought hominy for the first time ever for this dish, and despite being pretty underwhelmed when tasting it directly from the can, it actually wasn’t too bad in the soup.

Overall, this is not a dish that we’d ever have chosen to make from a recipe, and I can’t imagine that it’s anything that we would ever crave, nor order in a restaurant. However, this meal really was tasty and the flavours were complementary and reasonably complex. Had we invited people over to brave the winter storm, this would not have been the embarrassment I feared. Maybe we’ll make it again one day, if we remember.

Interestingly enough, this is the first time we’ve had fish in almost two months. From a health point of view, this seems like a bad thing. From a budgetary standpoint, given that we live smack bang in the middle of this enormous country, we’re probably saving some pennies. Tomorrow, we start yet another poultry run with Big Bird: Jumbo Chicken, Spinach and Herb Burgers with Mushroom and Swiss.

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