Day 61: One chicken, all alone, called two chickens on the phone

March 2, 2007


This evening, we made Balsamic-Glazed Chicken with Smoked Mozzarella and Garlic Rice Pilaf. This was one of those instances where I completely misinterpreted the recipe, and thought we were going to do something very different. I thought we were going to add the mozzarella to the pilaf, to make Smoked Mozzarella and Garlic Rice Pilaf, which seemed a little strange perhaps, but pretty straightforward. Turns out, when I actually read the recipe properly, we were making Balsamic-Glazed Chicken with Smoked Mozzarella on top of Garlic Rice Pilaf.

Essentially, we made exactly the same meal as yesterday, but with our old pal the chicken breast, rather than with pork chops. Garlic was added to the pilaf, but it was still Arugula-Basil Rice Pilaf. Perhaps it should have been called Garlic-Arugula-Basil Rice Pilaf. The mozzarella was layered on top of the chicken and sauce with basil and tomato. It was then drizzled with olive oil and topped with salt and pepper. Essentially, a little caprese salad sat on top of the chicken.

The meal was good, again; it was extremely similar to what we ate yesterday. The caprese salad was a strange addition in as much as it sat on top of the chicken. The flavours were not particularly complementary with the balsamic glaze, but it was pleasant in and of itself. This seemed like an odd combination of things to put together, presumably in an attempt to stretch one recipe into two. However the recipe is strong enough that it could easily be revisited, and the salad did look pretty. Tomorrow we remake the glaze once more for Balsamic-Glazed Swordfish with Capers and Grape Tomato-Arugula Rice. And tonight, the cats can dine once more on some uneaten chicken.

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